One Bill to Rule them All? -Parking Code of Practice Bill progresses 

 houses of parliament

We are all aware of the Parliamentary shenanigans going on over Brexit. Every day seems to bring a new crunch vote for the Government. Despite that, there is still some positive work being undertaken by Parliament and the parking sector is one area which is unquestionably benefiting from it.

Last week, in the often forgotten second chamber of the Houses of Parliament, the House of Lords, there was the latest stage in the progress of the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill. The Bill had its Second Reading in the House of Lords, where it was passed unanimously. The debate included a range of views but overall, we are pleased that the Lords spoke positively about the nature of the Bill, as well as the work of the BPA, which further demonstrates the diversity and professionalism of our Association and the high regard it is held in by government. The Bill itself now moves to Committee Stage, expected in February, and a proposal that no amendments be tabled will ensure its smooth passage. We are also pleased to see full support for;

  • A single independent appeals service
  • A single standard setting body and;
  • A single code of practice

We intend to build on our recent lobbying and engagement including a detailed briefing to Lords, which was well reflected in the debate and led to more specific conversations with individual Peers, and further meetings to follow. We are lined-up to meet with Lord Hunt of the Wirral who will be working with Sir Greg Knight MP to lead the Bill through the Lords, and Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, who is the Government Minister with responsibility for the Bill in the Lords. A meeting with Lord Lucas is also scheduled where we will update him on the progress of POPLA and the high standards it has since its launch in 2012. This complements the work we have already done with the Communities Minister, Rishi Sunak MP, his officials and MPs who are supporting the Bill, including Sir Greg Knight MP and Pete Wishart MP.

We continue to welcome member feedback and lobby government to help ensure that both the Bill and code of practice that emerge are fit-for-purpose. As always, we welcome feedback and/ or questions on the Bill which can be emailed to us at