BPA Governance: Working for you and with you 

2019 promises to be great year for the BPA for a variety of reasons but one of the most important will be developments in our Governance structure.

Governance structure…what’s that?

Like most membership associations we have a codified series of rules and regulations, which outline how we are governed and at the heart of this is member democracy.

This means that every member of our Association has a voice in how we are run. Every member is aligned to regional and sectoral groups representing the business area they operate within. From these, members can both elect representatives and stand as a representative for election to one of the various decision-making groups. These groups consist of the BPA Council of Representatives, BPA Board, and our Service Boards. 

What are these groups…isn’t it a bit confusing?

Each of these groups has a separate role and responsibilities and together they influence and guide our work.

The BPA Board consult on and develop our strategy and oversee the management of the Association. The Board is led by a Chair elected for three years and constitutes members of  Council, also elected for three years, and Chairs’ of the Service Board, who are elected for two years. The BPA Council influences our long-term direction by giving advice and guidance to the BPA Board. All members of Council are elected for three years. 

The Service Boards are delegated responsibility by the BPA Board to oversee specific aspects of our work. The Service Boards are a combination of Council members and Ordinary Members, who are also elected.

So what’s changing?

Previously, elections to Council were held whenever the incumbent’s term of office came to its close. This led to a myriad of different elections coming one after the other. It also created a great deal of confusion for members about when terms of office were up and what positions were open for election. To resolve this, last year Council decided that they would change the election process. So, from May 2019, a third of Council seats will come up for election simultaneously, allowing for a smoother and more transparent election process for all members.

Why are you making these changes?

To create a more coherent and smoother election process both for members and for staff which will help create a better, more responsive governance for the Association.

How will this new process work?

The new process will begin in March and end in June.  In March a list of seats coming up for election will be communicated to all members, highlighting the following:

  • What positions are available
  • The eligibility criteria for each position
  • The application process and;
  • Deadlines for nominations

In May the nominations will close and an election held for the position where more than one candidate has been nominated. The successful candidates will be announced in the first week of June.

How can I get involved?

Please email if you want more information or to get involved elections@britishparking.co.uk