Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) or Traffic Management Orders (TMO) in London are a legal instrument and local authorities create them to regulate and implement changes on the road network, from changing features like signs and speed limits to allowing temporary changes for special events and roadworks.

The BPA is part of the TRO Discovery Project, a groundbreaking project whose purpose is to better understand what people are doing now so that we can make a plan for what work needs to be done to help Local Authorities make their TROs fully digital and machine-readable. We’re currently finding out what Local Authorities are doing and what people like vehicle manufactures and delivery companies need in the future.

The project team have had engagement from over 300 organisations with an interest in the TRO Process and/or TRO Data as part of the initial consultation. Over the last month, we’ve been reaching out to numerous organisations, some of which took part in the original consultation, in order to delve deeper and explore user needs. The research continues into March and the project team will have carried out in-depth interviews with over 100 different organisations when this aspect of the TRO Discovery finishes.

As part of the user research, we need to understand the local authority costs associated with the creation of Permanent TROs, Temporary TROs and Temporary Traffic Notices. As such we have launched two new surveys and would really value your time in completing them. The deadline for responding to both surveys is Tuesday 26th March 2019.

The TRO Discovery Project is a unique collaboration between the BPA, the Department for Transport, and GeoPlace. Please email if you want more information or to get involved.