Six top tips to help your staff get the most out of e-learning   

It’s been 9 months now since we launched free access to Litmos Heroes, an amazing e-learning platform for our individual members. To our delight it has proven to be so popular that several employers are now paying for their staff to have access and using this to provide their employees with a way to learn new skills and keep up to date. But giving people a login and leaving them to it might not be the best strategy, especially if you want your team to get the most out of this excellent resource. So, read our 6 top tips below to find out how to help your staff get the most out of their e-learning.

 1. Identify objectives and learning needs

It’s not ground-breaking news that you will achieve more if you actually plan which courses you want your staff to complete. Think about what your business needs are and talk to your staff about their individual learning needs. There are currently over 700 different courses to choose from, with new ones being added regularly. If this feels a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. We have developed a list of courses which we recommend as a minimum mandatory training list for most staff: just ask us if you would like a copy. If you want to discover the courses for yourself, ask up to two members of your team to dedicate some time to doing the courses and make some recommendations.

2. Get the set-up right

You don’t want people to fall at the first hurdle and if they have technical issues accessing the training, they may be put off for good. Litmos Heroes can be accessed via PC, tablet or smartphone but you need to make sure that sound is enabled on your chosen device. A reliable internet connection is essential and to avoid any glitches, the website is best viewed in Google Chrome. A set of good quality headphones will also be helpful.

3. Put it in the diary!

We are all busy and e-learning can often take a back seat to other priorities. However, this is a commitment you have made to the learning and development of your staff and it needs to be properly supported for it to be a success. Let your staff put time in their diaries where they can be confident they will not be interrupted. Most of the courses are very short, from just 5 minutes through to half an hour, and several courses can be completed within just one hour.

4. Share

Encourage your team to talk about the e-learning and share their experiences and recommendations. We promote a recommended course of the month in our individual member e-zine which is often linked to current campaigns or the time of year. Feel free to use this as a way to kick-start the conversation. If you have any topic areas you would like to see included then let us know, as we are able to pass recommendations on to Litmos Heroes directly.

5. Motivate and reward. People learn better if there is an element of competition

We selected Litmos Heroes as a provider because they strive to make learning fun. Introduce an element of friendly competition by rewarding the people in your team who complete their training first/fastest. If this isn’t right for your business set-up, why not consider rewarding everyone in the team once they have all completed their training. Don’t worry if you have a tight budget – just a small token (chocolate is popular) usually does the job!

6. Seek help when you need it

We are here to help you make this a success, so please so get in touch if you need help with any technical issues, finding the right courses, making recommendations, reports and more.

 If you would like to learn more about Litmos Heroes and our individual membership please contact our Professional Development Manager, Sarah Feeley at