Motorists in Scotland deserve a fairer private parking service


We have always championed the need for better regulation for the private parking sector and are delighted that the new Parking Code of Practice Act will deliver a framework that will enable greater consistency and consumer confidence. It supports our call for a single standard setting body, single code of practice and a single independent appeals service.

We are leading calls to encourage the Scottish Government to legislate for keeper liability, as there is in England and Wales. We are also looking at other options to deliver an independent and free appeals process for Scottish motorists.  

We do not set the level of the parking charge although it’s worth noting that none of our Approved Operator Scheme members charge more than £100 and the majority are £85 or lower. There are also discounts for early payment of at least 40%, so most parking charges are around £50.  The Supreme Court in the case of ‘Beavis vs ParkingEye’ concluded that the charge was not unfair or unconscionable and agreed that it was a deterrent and not a penalty.

Furthermore, we also work closely with landowners to help ensure they are considering the outcome they wish to achieve through effective parking management and the positive impact this has on allowing us all to better access to places and people. 

Regardless of where people park, whether in private car parks, council car parks or on-street, we encourage motorists to always park properly and check any signage displayed to make sure they know and understand the rules that apply. Receiving what is commonly called a parking ticket will for most people be a once in a lifetime experience and for this reason, we launched Know Your Parking Rights, a website which provides a wealth of information on how to proceed if you receive any type of Parking Notice.