04 February 2014 - Police traffic warden role ends in Scotland

The role of police traffic wardens across most of Scotland has ended, according to the BBC. However, plans are being discussed with councils that want to retain services in Inverness, Midlothian, West Lothian and Stirling. Since 199... read more

03 February 2014 - Harlow residents welcome new Park Safe car to stop careless and dangerous parking

The North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) will deploy a new Park Safe camera car in Harlow to tackle dangerous, careless, inconsiderate and negligent parking, according to a report in the Harlow Star. The camera car, which will be tr... read more

28 January 2014 - BPA launches up-to-date, flexible qualifications for the whole parking profession

The BPA has launched a fresh, completely up-to-date set of qualifications in partnership with WAMITAB, an established awarding organisation that specialises in total-facilities management qualifications. Approved centres can now offer prof... read more

28 January 2014 - The British Parking Awards 2014: nominee list now available online

This year, the BPA and the Safer Parking Scheme are both sponsoring categories at the prestigious British Parking Awards. We are pleased to announce that a list of nominees is now available to view online. The awards, which are organi... read more

27 January 2014 - Parking News, February 2014 out now!

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16 January 2014 - Bank of England withdraws Sir John Houblon £50 note

The Bank of England has announced that the old style £50 note, featuring Sir John Houblon on the reverse, will be withdrawn from circulation on 30th April 2014. Further information can be found in this document and on the Bank of England's... read more

10 January 2014 - Government Policy on Parking is Confused and Misleading.

The government has encouraged local councils to take over parking enforcement from police freeing them up to deal with more serious crime; it continues to do so and yet is surprised when local authorities parking managers actually get on with th... read more

09 January 2014 - Increased Station Parking Charges should lead to Safer Parking, says the British Parking...

10 years after the launch of ParkMark® in 2004 over 700 train station car parks have qualified for the prestigious ParkMark® Award. When choosing where to park, motorists should look out for ParkMark® car parks which means they... read more

01 October 2012 - BPA introduces POPLA the independent appeals service

POPLA, Parking on Private Land Appeals was launched on 1 October 2012. Ombudsman Services took over as the service provider for POPLA from London Councils on 1st October 2015. In August 2010, the Coalition Government announce... read more

07 March 2011 - County Mall Crawley counts low rates of car park crime

The County Mall Shopping Centre in Crawley has once again been successful in retaining their Safer Parking Award Scheme Park Mark®, following the recent annual re-assessment by Trevor Cox (Sussex Police Accredited Assessor) and Mike Bibby (D... read more