Baywatch campaign tackles disabled parking abuse at supermarkets

We are delighted to continue our support as sponsor of Baywatch, the Disabled Motoring UK’s campaign to tackle abuse of disabled parking spaces at supermarkets by people not displaying a Blue Badge.  DMUK say this is a major complaint from disabled motorists.

Since its launch in 2012, the campaign has asked motorists to survey their local supermarket by recording:

  • the number of disabled bays;
  • the number of cars parked without displaying their Blue Badge and;
  • the name of the operator and what enforcement (if any) is displayed on signage and if it is near disabled bays.

The survey results are published and shared with supermarkets to encourage them to work with DMUK to improve the enforcement of their disabled parking bays. The campaign also raises public awareness about the impact this abuse has on disabled motorists.

Sadly in December 2013, a disabled driver died in an Asda car park in Biggleswade, following a dispute over a disabled parking bay. This is an extreme case of what can happen when people try to police bays themselves.

With the expansion of the Blue Badge criteria soon to include those with non-visible disabilities, there is likely to be a big increase in the number of Blue Badge holders. This makes enforcement even more important.  If supermarkets do not act now more tragic incidents may arise from disabled bays not being effectively enforced.


Participate in Baywatch 2019

DMUK encourage as many people as possible to participate and survey their local supermarket. It launches in June and only takes a few minutes.

Campaign supporter Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, says

“I often experience problems when trying to park at my local supermarket because Blue Badge parking bays are not enforced properly. There is a real lack of understanding about how essential these bays are to disabled people. DMUK’s Baywatch Campaign plays a vital role in highlighting the issue of disabled parking abuse at supermarkets. It is a campaign that I fully support and I intend to survey my local supermarket car park in June to help DMUK obtain the data they need to take the supermarkets to task over their disabled bay parking policies.”

And Kelvin Reynolds, BPA Director of Corporate and Public Affairs adds,

“We are delighted to sponsor the 2019 Baywatch campaign. Effective parking management plays a vital role in everyone’s lives, especially people who are disabled and those needing to park their vehicles close to their destination. Parking bays reserved for Blue Badge holders must be managed properly to ensure they are not obstructed and used only by people displaying a valid disabled Blue Badge. We support this campaign to raise awareness of the absolute need for proper and effective parking management of Blue Badge parking bays everywhere and at supermarkets especially.”

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