04 March 2014 - Three approved training centres now offer the BPA's up-to-date, flexible qualifications...

We are pleased to announce that the first three training centres are now approved to offer the newly-created British Parking Association (BPA)-WAMITAB qualifications. The centres are: NSL Services Parking Associates Pas... read more

28 February 2014 - Government changes gear on discussions with parking sector on CCTV

Minister of State for Transport, Robert Goodwill MP announced a revised position on the use of CCTV in parking enforcement at the British Parking Association Parking Summit hosted yesterday (Thursday 27 February).   The Government... read more

21 February 2014 - Scottish Conservatives just scaremongering

Scottish Conservative transport spokesman, Alex Johnstone MSP has declared that the move from police wardens to private parking operators in Scotland would provide a gravy train of profits for the private operator. “This is just scare... read more

18 February 2014 - English councils may get moving-traffic powers, roads minister hints

Roads minister Robert Goodwill has raised expectations that councils across England could be given powers over enforcing moving traffic violations, according to the Transport Network. Mr Goodwill suggested that he is only waiting for p... read more

13 February 2014 - The British Parking Awards 2014

The short list of finalists for the British Parking Awards 2014 has been published. You will find the list of finalists on the official parking awards Between now and the awards pres... read more

11 February 2014 - Fewer than one in five councils make a surplus income from parking enforcement

Fewer than one in five councils (19.7%) make a surplus income from parking enforcement, according to a new report from leading local government think-tank, the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU). The report also found that around half... read more

11 February 2014 - Technology Strategy Board launches competition to re-imagine the high street

The Technology Strategy Board, which aims to accelerate economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation, is investing up to £8m in a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition, 're-ima... read more

11 February 2014 - Parking Summit seeks clarity on Government proposals for parking management

The recent Government consultation on current local authority parking appears to not fully appreciate the facts about the way parking is managed, seemingly flying in the face of the Government’s declared localism agenda. The BPA and i... read more

11 February 2014 - Setting the Government straight: BPA publishes response to Government consultation on...

The BPA is pleased to publish its response to the Government’s consultation on local authority parking policy. To view the consultation response in full, click here. Our response draws on our members' fundamental concerns about t... read more

07 February 2014 - Multi-Award Winning Exeter MSCP Proving Popular with the Public

One year on from being named ‘Overall Winner’ of the 2013 British Parking Awards at the Lancaster Hotel in London, The John Lewis Car Park in Exeter is proving popular with the public, as well as shoppers visiting the neighbour... read more