15 May 2014 - BPA infographic reveals key parking and traffic management stats

The BPA has launched a new infographic which reveals some key statistics collated from recent research and reports into parking and traffic management. Infographic data has been collated from the Department for Transport, Department for Com... read more

13 May 2014 - Monday Musing: Know your parking rights. Rules are there for a reason!

Wasn't it good to see people being reported for misusing granny’s or hubby’s Blue Badge during the recent Parking Mad series on BBC1? In south London, almost half the number of blue badges were found to be fakes or were being misused... read more

09 May 2014 - Find the maypole: Parking News is out now!

The May issue of Parking News is now available, and can be read online here. In this issue, read about the airport 'meet and greet' business and calls by operators for effective regulation. Also, learn about celebrations for the tent... read more

06 May 2014 - Monday Musing: Oh I do like to park beside the seaside

So goes the famous song. And don’t the people of Lyme Regis have something to sing about? This  fabulous little town beside the seaside on the Jurassic Coast of England, with its narrow winding streets, attractive little tea rooms, nu... read more

29 April 2014 - Park Mark® is 10!

As part of the 10th anniversary of the Safer Parking Scheme, which is managed by the BPA, we are accepting entries for the following competitions: ‘Be a show car park’ and ‘Most improved car park’. To enter, ple... read more

29 April 2014 - Cameras and Parking…the truth is out!

Ironic isn’t it, people complain about cameras being used to manage parking and yet they love to watch when the [TV] cameras follow and scrutinise the way parking is managed. And what did those cameras reveal? Being inside an appeal h... read more

22 April 2014 - Parking Mad: though this be madness there be method in’t

To comply or not to comply, that is the question: whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous parking or to take arms against a sea of PCNs and by opposing end them. The return of Parking Mad to the B... read more

15 April 2014 - Insurance companies stats not quite the ticket! Here’s the real story!

Are insurance companies being selective with their findings about the number of penalty charges issued in order to generate sensationalist headlines and make a name for themselves? Figures from London Councils show the number of Penalty Cha... read more

15 April 2014 - Applying for a Blue Badge is FREE

The British Parking Association is concerned that some websites are charging fees of around £50 to process Blue Badge applications.  The Blue Badge is available to qualifying disabled people to allow them free or low cost parking... read more

15 April 2014 - It’s a mad, mad parking world

This week sees the return of Parking Mad to the BBC. This time though, it makes the cultural leap from niche observational documentary on BBC2, to prime-time ‘everyone’s talking about it you must see this’ on BBC1. Someone has... read more