Election Update!!!

We are at the mid-point of the BPA Council Election season!!!

The BPA, like most membership associations, is governed through member democracy. This means that every member of our Association has a say in how we are run.

All members of each respective group will have received an email inviting them to vote. Every member is aligned to a regional and sectoral group that represents the business area they operate within.

We have 18 candidates standing in competitive elections for a total of eight positions. The nomination statements from the candidates are attached to the voting forms which you can view by following the links below.

We encourage all members who are eligible to get involved and cast a ballot for their chosen candidate. 

Election Table

Membership Group


Voting link

Election closing date

Parking Structures

Corporate Members of the Parking Structures Group (only)

Voting Page for Parking Structures  Members


Chair of the London Regional

Corporate Members registered in the London Region (only)

Voting Page for London Regional Members


Individual Member Group

Individual Members (Associate, MBPA and Fellow only)

Voting Page for Individual Members


2x Parking on Private Land Operators

Corporate Members of the Parking on Private Land Operators Group (only)

Voting Page for Parking on Private Land Members


National Operators

Corporate Member of the National Operators (only)

Voting Page for National Operators Members


2x Directly Elected

Corporate Member representative*

Voting Page for Directly Elected


*Corporate member representatives are employees of a Corporate Member. 

For clarity, each organisation can cast one vote in each election that they are eligible to vote in.

Elections can vary with regards to how many positions there are to fill, for example, there are two spaces on Council to be filled in the Directly Elected election. In that case, each member organisation may choose a maximum of two candidates from the list - the selecting of two candidates in this instance would constitute one vote.    

In all the elections we can only accept one vote per member (in the elections where there are more than one position up for election then the voting member may cast two votes for different candidates.

All votes will be counted week commencing 3 June with the successful candidate announced during the following week.

This is your chance to select your representative and help shape the direction of our association and the wider parking community, so please make sure you vote today. If you have any questions, please email elections@britishparking.co.uk

Best of luck to all the candidates!!