Top Ten Tips for drivers to avoid getting a parking ticket

Nobody likes receiving a parking ticket and the majority of drivers never do. To make sure you’re one of them here are some useful tips to keep within the rules: 

  1. Read the signs every time, especially at a new location or one you’ve not visited for a while
  2. Don’t park where you shouldn’t or where it’s not permitted to do so
  3. Pay to park whenever and wherever you are required to do so
  4. Keep any receipts for purchases made in case you overstay
  5. If a location requires you to register at a reception, make sure that you do - receptionists may forget to ask
  6. Don’t use a space created for motorists with disabilities if you don’t have a Blue Badge - whatever the reason
  7. Some car parks require you to input your registration when you pay to park - take care when doing so
  8. Take a picture with your phone of your registration before proceeding to the pay station
  9. Set an alarm on your phone so if you’ve paid for a fixed period, you are back in time
  10. If you do get a ticket, pay it or appeal it but never ignore it.


If you receive a parking ticket from a BPA Approved Operator which you believe was issued in error you should appeal to them in the first instance.  If it is rejected the operator will provide details of the independent appeals service POPLA, which provides independent redress for motorists in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Over a quarter of a million motorists to date have benefited from this free service.

For more information about how parking is managed and free advice on what to do if you receive a parking ticket visit