Monday Musing: Why parking needs to be managed

It is a fact that with 35 million vehicles now on Britain’s roads, and rising, there has never been a greater need for parking to be effectively managed. We all know the problems caused by congestion, the frustration of having to constantly search for somewhere to park, or worse, being injured because it’s difficult to cross the street or walk on the pavement. That’s why our members work hard to:

  • Improve road safety by keeping our roads and pavements free from obstruction caused by indiscriminately parked cars
  • Protect parking spaces reserved for residents and disabled people
  • Ensure that all parking spaces, on-street and in car parks are used fairly, responsibly and preventing misuse
  • Enable servicing and deliveries to take place in high streets that would become congested if not parking wasn’t properly managed.

We are committed to raising standards across the parking sector and it is a fact that:

  • POPLA was established, by the parking sector, to ensure that motorists are protected from unreasonable or unfair parking enforcement activity. This service is free to the motorist and run independently of the Association, in agreement with government
  • The Supreme Court decided in 2015 that landowners have a right to manage and control parking on their land; that motorists parking there must comply with the advertised terms and conditions and that the current charging level is lawful and reasonable.
  • If you receive a parking ticket there are some simple steps to follow – agree and pay it or disagree it and appeal it. Never ignore it! Visit our free advice website

We fully welcome the Parking (Code of Practice) Act. Andrew Pester, Chief Executive says, “We are delighted that Sir Greg Knight’s Parking (Code of Practice) Act which will deliver our call for a standards setting body, a single code of practice and a single independent appeals service. This framework will enable greater consistency and consumer confidence. As a not-for-profit association, we will continue to work closely with Government and others, including consumer groups, to help develop a single Code of Practice that provides a fair outcome for motorists, landowners and parking operators alike.”