Our Area Managers are usually out and about assessing car parks across the UK to ensure they meet the standards of the Safer Parking Scheme as well as undertaking other car park audits. Naturally lockdown has prevented them from being physically present, but they are still in touch with police assessors where possible and Park Mark award holders, providing continued support and advice.

Even though the number of car journeys has decreased, incidents of anti-social behaviour and thefts from vehicles are still occurring in car parks. Park Mark awarded car parks must meet the criteria for deterring crime, but there are some measures that could be implemented in all car parks at this time.

While you may not be able to implement all of these, to help you keep on top of security our Area Managers have provided some crime prevention advice to consider, which we hope all operators will find useful.

Crime prevention measures to consider during lockdown 

  • If possible, restrict both motor vehicle and pedestrian access into the facility by closing and securing any physical features, such as barriers, shutters and doors. Maintain perimeter boundary treatment in order to reduce unauthorised access. 
  • If public access is required, consider closing or restricting access to some sections of the car park; e.g. create smaller parking areas or close upper levels of a MSCP.
  • Illuminate the site without creating shadows allowing for enhanced levels of surveillance outside of day light hours.  Illumination can be set at a reduced lux level.
  • Maintain a good standard of lighting to maximise surveillance opportunities and to enhance the standards of all CCTV images.
  • Maintain landscaping features allowing clear lines of sight through any perimeter treatment.  Any internal planting to be maintained to a maximum height of 1000 mm.
  • Maintain on site and random staff/security patrolling levels. If at all possible, increase presence of staffing levels/patrols.
  • Notify any of your local Neighbourhood Policing team of current closure situation. Report all incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour to police. All reports should include detailed information regarding dates, times and full description of suspects.  Good intelligence is required to assist the police and to develop positive action taken.
  • Ensure continued good maintenance and servicing of any on site CCTV systems. Good quality identification images will maximise the opportunity to identify any suspects and any suspect associated vehicle descriptions and registration numbers in any subsequent police investigation.
  • Continue to record and monitor all CCTV systems. Report any incidents. Intelligence is required to develop positive action taken.
  • Maintain, and if possible, increase DPA compliant CCTV signage around the car park.  This will hopefully enhance the confidence of legitimate law abiding users of the car park and may deter some people from entering the site who have unlawful intent.
  • Consider the display of signage across the facility informing all users that where appropriate, CCTV and ANPR images are being monitored and/or recorded and that images will be passed to the police in order to identify people and vehicles who take part in criminal and anti–social behaviour on the site.

 If you are a member of the Safer Parking Scheme, your area manager is available if you need any assistance during this time.

Stay safe.