19 December 2019 - Parking concessions at hospitals should be available for those who need them

The Queen’s Speech announced that hospital car parking charges will be removed for those in greatest need. In 2015 the UK Government published guidance for NHS Trusts in England stating that concessions, including free or reduced... read more

09 December 2019 - Monday Musing: Interesting Stops Along the Digital Superhighway

Interesting Stops Along the Digital Superhighway By Steve Thompson BPA Fellow and Project Centre parking development specialist As we start to put in place the systems required for the digital future of transportation, we are just st... read more

24 November 2019 - Our vision for the future: Beyond parking

We all know that the parking sector is undergoing a major transformation. But how does the BPA ensure it stays relevant in a rapidly changing world where an estimated 38 million journeys are made every day in the UK alone? And with each of... read more

21 November 2019 - 2019 Ernest Davies winner

 Ernest Davies winners 2019 Congratulations to the 2019 Ernest Davies winners for advancing parking knowledge, Daniel Casey and Dean Fennell-Connell. The entries this year were of a high standard and the judges scores were close.... read more

11 November 2019 - Monday Musing: Connected vehicles for connected people

Monday Musing: Connected vehicles for connected people Glenn Dives, BPA Governance and Public Affairs Officer shares his thoughts on connected and autonomous vehicles We hear a lot about Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV)... read more

04 November 2019 - Government announces British Standards Institution will develop new Code of Practice

Government announces British Standards Institution will develop new Code of Practice                   We are pleased to see the government's announc... read more

24 October 2019 - New law will introduce Keeper Liability in Scotland

New law will introduce Keeper Liability in Scotland We are delighted that the Transport (Scotland) Bill will soon become law after MSPs voted to pass the bill. This new legislation will address a number of issues including the introductio... read more

14 October 2019 - BPA terminates membership of Elite Management (Midlands) Limited

BPA terminates membership of Elite Management (Midlands) Limited The British Parking Association (BPA) has terminated the membership of Elite Management (Midlands) Limited with immediate effect. Following investigations arisi... read more

12 October 2019 - Monday Musing: Electric Mobility

Monday Musing: Electric Mobility    Joey McLaughlan BPA Technology, Innovation & Research Officer gives us some thoughts on EVs. I’ve recently been reading a book called Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed. In the book... read more

02 October 2019 - Traffic + Parking 2019

Traffic + Parking 2019 4 December, Manchester Conference Centre Traffic & Parking: The world of street and kerbside management The effective management of the kerbside, innovative payment techn... read more