21/08/2018 - Sudden rise in private parking tickets is scaremongering by RAC Foundation

The RAC Foundation’s figures don’t tell the whole story. British Parking Association (BPA) believes that a whole range of factors can lead to an increase in requests from the DVLA and it’s not just related... read more

17/08/2018 - The Alliance for Parking Data Standards Releases Version 1.0 of Global Parking Data...

Together with the European Parking Association (EPA) and International Parking Institute (IPI), the BPA has formed the Alliance for Parking Data Standards, (APDS) a new, not for profit organization focused on developing and managing an internation... read more

01/08/2018 - NOMINATIONS for the 2018 ITS (UK) Awards are now open

The ITS (UK) Awards is an annual celebration of excellence and recognition for outstanding contributions within the Intelligent Transport Systems industry in the UK. The first ITS United Kingdom Awards were made in connection with the 2006 IT... read more

01/08/2018 - Extending Blue Badge eligibility could turn-out to be a mixed blessing

Extending Blue Badge eligibility could turn-out to be a mixed blessing The British Parking Association welcomes the Government’s announcement that more people with genuine mobility difficulties are to be included in the Blue Badge Scheme.&n... read more

26/07/2018 - Civil Enforcement Officers and front line operational staff deserve respect too

We continue to seek better protection and respect for people delivering parking services and campaigns for a reduction in abuse and malicious behaviour towards Civil Enforcement Officers and other parking professionals.  It is a sad fact tha... read more

24/07/2018 - Feeling creative?

Tap into your creative side and enter a blog, poem, article or report that relates to the wider parking industry, for a chance to win this years Ernest Davies Award. It doesn’t need to be technical, it could be humorous or innovative in some way... read more

20/07/2018 - Parking (Code of Practice) Bill Progresses...

The Committee Stage of the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill has taken place and the Bill will now move to the Report stage where MPs across the House will be able to consider further amendments. Report stage is normally followed immediately by deba... read more

19/07/2018 - Parking (Code of Practice) Bill reaches Committee Stage

The Parking (Code of Practice) Bill has reached the next stage in the parliamentary process and will be discussed today (19th July 2018) at the Palace of Westminster from 11:30. At Committee Stage, a select group of MPs will scrutinise the Bill li... read more

16/07/2018 - Monday Musing - They get my heart racing

There is nothing like a parking ticket coming through the post, to get my heart racing. One dropped on my doormat the other day and I panicked. If I cast my mind back to when I last got one, it was probably five years ago, and the one before that... read more

02/07/2018 - Monday Musings - I love pavements

I fell in love with pavements after being deprived of them for four years - the reason being, I lived in Nepal then Uganda. I returned to the UK nine years ago and anyone who asked me “How was it?” I kept replying excitedly, “I really missed pave... read more