13/01/2016 - BPA identifies conflict and contradiction in government thinking on the future of CCTV in...

‘Government Policy on Parking is Confused and Misleading.’ That was the headline on our Press Release commenting on the Transport Select Committee’s Report and the Government’s Consultation on Local Authority Parking Enforc... read more

11/01/2016 - Monday Musing: 4 things to look forward to in 2016

These are interesting times and plenty is changing. Many organisations predict what lies ahead but with so many new and exciting things happening; great advances in technology, changes in powers for devolved nations, and, who knows what else! ... read more

05/01/2016 - Managing Health and Safety in Construction

The BPA would like to remind members that, as of 06 April 2015, any installation or maintenance work of pay and display machines, ANPR or any other equipment must adhere to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. These regulati... read more

04/01/2016 - Monday Musing: Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all, we hope you enjoyed the free parking, where it has been present this holiday. It is also a time when you can find yourself in endless queues for parking, desperately hoping that those people with lots of bags are going b... read more

01/01/2016 - Safer Bus Stations for bus stations, bus interchanges and coach stations

The Safer Bus Station Scheme was officially launched in January 2016.  Following in the successful footsteps of the Safer Parking Scheme, it is a national accreditation that provides operators of bus stations, bus interchanges and c... read more

21/12/2015 - Monday Musing: round-up of the year

Our Monday Musing’s have proved successful throughout 2015 in generating interest and conversation.  From the 10 minute grace period to the Safer Parking Scheme quiz we’ve been busy telling you all what’s new in parking. Ac... read more

14/12/2015 - Civil Enforcement Officers - A very public image

Civil enforcement officers are increasingly seen as ambassadors for the communities in which they work, says NSL’s Mark Hoskin Two recent surveys have highlighted the importance of perception management in the delivery of public services, a... read more

14/12/2015 - Monday Musing: When is a street not a street? 

Up until April 2012 vehicle crime statistics by place were fairly simple. Not anymore! When is a street not a street? read more

14/12/2015 - The Seven Cs of Social Media for Professional Assocations

The Professional Associations Research Network (PARN) held its annual winter conference on 26 November. This years theme was ‘Social Media: finding your voice’, and several social media professionals from top professional bodies speaki... read more

07/12/2015 - Monday Musing: Love parking? Don’t just take our word for it

The BPA Members' Dinner was a fantastic finale to 2015; taking place on Wednesday last week at the spectacular Drapers’ Hall in London, it was another brilliant event this year for the BPA and members. read more