Web Expansion for Parking Data Cloud


Buchanan Computing has expanded its ParkMap cloud service to allow the sharing of traffic order data via the web.

The new service uses an open application programming interface (API) that is part of the company’s ParkMap 7 cloud system, enabling local authorities to capture and manage their parking and traffic controls. This gives them an accurate digital version of what’s on their streets. The open API conforms to the Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS) and the draft Traffic Regulation Order Discovery (TROD) standards.

 Any local authority using Traffweb, the new ParkMap web service, will be able to make its data openly available to developers to incorporate this dataset into its apps. ‘As traffic orders are always changing, and given that so many local authorities are using ParkMap, this new service will provide a constant stream of live data for a large proportion of the British Isles,’ said Alex Smith, managing director at Buchanan Computing.

 As part of Department for Transport-funded projects, the first customers are about to start using the open API. Manchester City Council is using ParkMap with APDS data, and the TRO D model is being used and tested by Essex County Council. App developers will have access to the dataset in a number of different map projections so that it can be overlaid with either Ordnance Survey mapping, Apple Maps or Google Maps. 

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