16/08/2016 - Invitation for Local Authority technology case-studies

The Institution of Engineering and Technology is updating the 2016 edition of the Local Authority Guide to Emerging Transport Technology with new case-studies and information to reflect significant technological developments. read more

15/08/2016 - Monday Musing: Pedestrianisation

Oxford Street in central London will be pedestrianised by 2020 in time for Crossrail. But how will they do it? read more

08/08/2016 - Monday Musing: Creativity is contagious, pass it on

If you’re passionate about parking, transport and traffic management the Ernest Davies Award is the perfect opportunity to explore your creative side. read more

01/08/2016 - Monday Musing: Have you ever lost your car?

Parking is a means to an end; the majority of us park to shop, visit the gym or meet a friend. We want the nearest car park to our destination. But what happens when we can’t find our car in the car park? read more

26/07/2016 - EPA-Polis parking events

The European Parking Association and Polis (a network of European cities and regions cooperating for innovative transport solutions) are organising their annual workshop as part of a cluster of parking events in Cracow on 15 and 16 September... read more

25/07/2016 - Monday Musing: Crash, bang, wallop

If you have been asleep for a couple of weeks or just got back from a holiday on a remote island you may be shocked to find the UK has a new Prime Minister, Theresa May. Yes it was a bit crash, bang, wallop, but Mrs May has now appointed her ca... read more

18/07/2016 - Monday Musing: How to choose the right meet & greet car park

A lot of people opt for meet and greet parking for the convenience of driving straight to the airport and leaving parking the car up to someone else. But how do you choose a meet and greet company when you don’t actually visit the car park yoursel... read more

14/07/2016 - This year's Women in Parking Conference

Summer's heating up, but it’s only a few short months until September and the Women in Parking Conference! This year’s conference will take place on September 22nd and 23rd immediately after the NPA Conference at the Peachtree We... read more

12/07/2016 - Infrastructure Systems Competition from Innovate UK

Innovate UK is to invest up to £15m in business-led, innovative projects in Infrastructure Systems, provisionally including solutions for connected transport through the integration of multi-modal transportation systems.   Pitch yo... read more

12/07/2016 - Peterborough pupils stage primary school parking protest

Pupils at a primary school in Peterborough staged a protest on Tuesday 5th July to try to stop bad and illegal parking during the morning rush, according to a report in the Peterborough Telegraph. The youngsters at Southfields Primary in Sta... read more