12 October 1994 - The Ernest Davies Memorial Award

In 1994 the BPA launched the Ernest Davies Award – or Ernest Davies Memorial Award as it was originally known – to advance parking knowledge. The award’s namesake, Ernest Davies, was a journalist by profession so it seemed onl... read more

01 October 1974 - First Automatic Pay on Foot Car Park in the UK

Oxford introduced the first fully automatic pay on foot system in October 1974 in Westgate car park as part of its balanced transport policy. Drivers collected a ticket at entry barriers, took the ticket with them while they shopped, paid at a pay... read more

24 February 1971 - First AGM as a fully fledged Association

The BPA’s first Annual General Meeting as an LLC took place on February 24 1971 and was held at the De La Warr Suite of the Royal Commonwealth Society in London. Chairman E.Kenneth Bloom gave his annual report to attendees. He noted t... read more

15 May 1970 - British Parking Association becomes a Limited Liability Company

On 15 May 1970, the British Parking Association officially became an Limited Liabilty Company (LLC). When British Parking Association was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, the initial subscribers had to define the objects of t... read more

01 October 1969 - First Parking Newsletter

October 1969 saw the distribution of the first newsletter from the British Parking Association - what would one day become the current magazine, Parking News. The newsletter began with the words: "With this newsletter we are star... read more

29 November 1967 - Formation

The British Parking Association was formed on 29 November 1967, with members representing all sections of the parking industry. This included Local Authorities, Development Boards, Parking Operators, Equipment Manufacturers, Contractors, En... read more

19 September 1960 - Traffic wardens deployed in UK for the first time

19 September 1960: The London Borough of Westminster deployed 40 traffic wardens in central London, patrolling the streets to check for illegally parked cars. The traffic wardens, dressed in distinctive yellow-banded caps, handed out fines... read more

10 July 1958 - Britain's first parking meters erected

10 June 1958: the UK's first parking meters started operating in Mayfair. Approximately 625 metres of them were put in place by Westminster City Council, with an hour of parking costing 6 old pence. read more

16 July 1935 - World's first parking meter

The world’s first parking meter, known as Park-O-Meter No. 1, is installed on the southeast corner of what was then First Street and Robinson Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The meters were placed at 20-foot intervals along the cur... read more

01 May 1901 - First UK multi-storey car park

The City & Suburban Electric Carriage Company at 6 Denman Street, central London, opened the first multi-storey car park in the UK (and probably the world) in May 1901.  The garage had seven floors, 19,000 square feet, space for 100 veh... read more