Parking (Code of Practice) Bill Progresses...

The Committee Stage of the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill has taken place and the Bill will now move to the Report stage where MPs across the House will be able to consider further amendments. Report stage is normally followed immediately by debate on the Bill's third reading.

During the discussion, MPs acknowledged that the majority of parking acts are successful, with an understanding that good parking management is vital to the health and prosperity of town centres and communities. We in particular, were praised for our professionalism as a reputable Association seeking better regulation, a single Code or Practice, single independent appeals service and single standards setting body. There was commitment to a UK-wide approach to developing a Code of Practice and a positive attitude to seeing a code as a tool to educate the public, and minimise rogue operations.

We shall continue our engagement with Government and key stakeholders to press for a positive outcome. Our tailored engagement with Committee members and MPs continues and we have held meetings with Sir Greg Knight, Daniel Zeichner and Lilian Greenwood, as well as holding regular summits with the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

It is very encouraging to hear our Association being spoken about in such positive terms by MPs who recognise that the majority of parking operators play their part by supplying an easy, fair and transparent experience for motorists. Comments at Committee Stage show that they are aware of our notable achievements in delivering a robust and coherent Code of Practice and an independent appeals service as the leading authority in the sector.

The Private Members Bill is a significant development for the sector.


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