05/12/2016 - Monday Musing: Electric Vehicles are coming to town

As four major cities move to ban diesel vehicles to improve air quality, we are sure the UK is wondering how long it will be for it to follow suit, especially in light of last week's air quality alerts issued across the capital London Mayor Sadiq... read more

05/12/2016 - BPA works with government to improve clarity over Railway Byelaws.

We have campaigned at length for absolute clarity on the Clauses in Railway Byelaws where they relate to parking controls. Government officials committed to providing this clarification but due to various circumstances, some beyond their control... read more

28/11/2016 - Monday Musing: What’s in a name?

Last week’s story showed the importance of structures, following research that cars are increasing in size, causing more scrapes and dinks. read more

23/11/2016 - New Ordnance Survey 'MasterMap' launched

Ordnance Survey (OS) has launched a new mapping product that provides ‘the essential facts’ of roads and paths across Britain, which it developed with a £3m investment from the Government. The OS MasterMap Highways Network, desc... read more

21/11/2016 - Monday Musing: A fabulously entertaining evening

Feathered headpieces? Check. Long strings of beads? Check. Spectator shoes, cloche hats, and Bakelite bangles? Check, check, check. The BPA Members’ Dinner 2016 dutifully delivered many of the fashion clichés of the 1920s that we had hoped to see. read more

21/11/2016 - Have Cars Got Wider or Parking Spaces Got Narrower?

Often in the designs for parking places there is a balance between capacity and efficiency and the best designs provide the right balance. read more

15/11/2016 - Legitimate Parking Charge Notices are NOT sent by email

The British Parking Association (BPA) is aware of a fake email ticket scam purporting to be from one of its approved operators, UK Parking Control Ltd. The fake email ticket quotes a charge of £90 and suggests that photos and payment option... read more

14/11/2016 - Monday Musing: Do you have good mental rotation skills?

It’s much safer to back into parking spaces. So why don’t we do it? read more

07/11/2016 - Monday Musing: Ludicrous or genius?

There are some interesting and unusual car parks across the world that are either ludicrous or genius. Here are just a few examples of the car parks. What do you think; ludicrous or genius? read more

03/11/2016 - November issue of Parking News out now

The November issue of Parking News is out now and can be read online here (BPA member log-in required). In this month's issue, read about the silent parking majority, discover parking in New Orleans, consider the role of stakeholder quango... read more