09 April 2018 - Monday Musing: Blue Badge Research

We have long been interested in the Blue Badge Scheme and has regularly sought opportunities to gain a greater understanding of how the scheme operates. At present the Blue Badge scheme allows badge holders to park closer to their required desti... read more

02 April 2018 - Monday Musing: CRM Project

BPA towers has been a hive of activity as always. For this week’s blog, I am going to peel back the vale and inform you about one of the behind the scenes projects that are underway to improve the experience for members. That project is t... read more

23 March 2018 - No Parking on the pavement – time for a positive change

We have campaigned for a solution to the issue of dangerous pavement parking for some time and we 100% support our colleagues at Guide Dogs, Disabled Motoring UK, Local Government Association and Living Streets. Here are some of t... read more

14 March 2018 - We are all winners! Rewarding excellence at the British Parking Awards 2018

We are thrilled to be the recipient of the Communication Award at Parking Review magazine's 2018 British Parking Awards for the Know Your Parking Rights campaign. The award, sponsored by Dukes Bailiffs, recognises the efforts of the BP... read more

11 March 2018 - Monday Musing: BPA on Tour!!!

First off let me apologise for the muted nature of our Musings over the last few weeks, it’s been rather a busy time here at BPA ‘towers’, where we’ve been preparing for a number of major events to connect our members. ... read more

02 February 2018 - BPA delighted that new Bill will deliver fairer parking and better practice for all

The second reading of the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill has been approved by the House of Commons. This follows our call for a single Code of Practice, a truly independent appeal service and a standard setting body which we believe will result... read more

02 February 2018 - Effective parking management can help us live in a cleaner safer and less congested world

BPA chief Executive Andrew Pester writes for the New Statesman At first glance it may seem a mundane topic, but each journey on our roads begins and ends with parking. It takes such an important role in everyone’s lives and when we lo... read more

29 January 2018 - Monday Musing: Big News!!! The Parking (Code of Practice) Bill has been published!!!

Exciting news in the world of parking hit last week. Yes, you read that right. Last week saw the long-awaited publication of Sir Greg Knight MP’s Private Members Bill, calling for a Code of Practice for all private car park operators to ad... read more

25 January 2018 - Fairer parking, better practice: Sir Greg’s Bill calls for consistency and fairness in...

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government has announced their support for the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill, at the same time recognising the BPA’s role as the leading authority in the sector and our continuing work wit... read more

22 January 2018 - Monday Musing: A Day in the Life of an AOS Compliance Officer

Tick… The clock strikes Nine The phone lines open The public facing email folders update, the post arrives, and we’re off! So begins another day in a life of a BPA Compliance Officer. For those not in the kn... read more