06 May 2019 - The Dogs Die in Hot Cars campaign is live

The Dogs Die in Hot Cars campaign goes live The RSPCA receive thousands of calls each year of animals being left alone in cars on warm days. These dogs are often found in our members’ car parks which is why we are very happy to be one of... read more

02 May 2019 - Do you know your parking rights?

Do you know your parking rights? YourParkingSpace are shining some light on the Know Your Parking Rights website. The site aims to inform UK motorists of their parking rights, launched back in November 2014 at the House of C... read more

02 May 2019 - British Parking Association announces free and independent private parking appeals service...

From the 1 May 2019 motorists in Scotland and Northern Ireland will be able to appeal private parking tickets issued by operators in the British Parking Association’s Approved Operator Scheme (AOS).  POPLA (Parking on Private Land App... read more

04 March 2019 - Monday Musing: Hospitals giving staff green travel choices

Monday Musing: Giving NHS staff green travel choices Toxic air is now the biggest environmental risk of early death worldwide, responsible for one in nine of all fatalities. It kills 7 million people a year, far more than HIV, tuberculosis and ma... read more

01 February 2017 - Motorists spend nearly four days a year looking for a parking space

Four in 10 (39%) motorists say finding somewhere to park is a stressful experience Six in 10 (59%) identify drivers that block more than one space as one of the most frustrating things about parking The average motorist in the UK spends ne... read more

16 December 2016 - Essential guidance on parking signs

On-street parking signage   Parking bays: Many parking bays are free, some have time limits, some require a permit, and others will need to be paid for. Some may specify a particular type of vehicle only. In... read more

14 November 2016 - Monday Musing: Do you have good mental rotation skills?

I went to the supermarket for my weekly shop, usually a calm experience when parking the car, with the business and crashing only beginning once I enter the shop. They have a large car park and it is always easy to find a parking space. This tim... read more

03 August 2015 - Parking Glossary

AOS - Approved Operator Scheme - The name of the BPA’s Accredited Trade Association. ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition is a technology that uses CCTV to read vehicle registration plates. ATA - An Accredited Trade Associat... read more

15 July 2014 - How to appeal a parking ticket

To watch this video in Welsh click here.  Received a parking ticket in Scotland?  Click here. Did you park on council land or on private land managed by a company? Parking tickets are often confusing as both public and... read more

15 July 2014 - How parking is managed

Parking is managed in two ways; public and private parking. Public parking is regulated through the Traffic Management Act. Public car parks are managed by local authorities. In most of England and Wales, all of Northern Ireland a... read more