BPA Corporate Membership

With over 700 corporate members, we are the largest professional association for parking in Europe. Becoming one of our members demonstrates your alignment with our aims and vision for the parking profession.

As corporate members, you and your colleagues can take advantage of exclusive membership benefits. In our most recent membership engagement project 100% of those polled said that the BPA met expectations when it came to these benefits. 

There are three categories of corporate membership and the fees applicable are banded based on annual parking related turnover. 

  • Public Sector: includes all local authorities, government agencies and other public sector non-profit organisations such as health authorities, charities, universities and police.
  • Private Sector: generally all companies and partnerships covered by the Companies Act and managed for profit
  • Overseas: for those operating outside of the United Kingdom

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You can also contact the BPA Account Managers or our membership team on 01444 447300 or at membership@britishparking.co.uk

Accredited Trade Association Requirements & the Approved Operator Scheme

If your organisation is involved in any capacity with parking enforcement on private land you may need to also join a parking related Accredited Trade Association (ATA) in order to meet BPA corporate membership eligibility criteria.

The BPA’s ATA is our Approved Operator Scheme (AOS). If you think this might apply to your organisation please click here to read further information about the AOS. Determining whether ATA status is necessary is not always straightforward and we recommend you contact us so we can make an accurate assessment for your organisation. If you are already a member of a parking related ATA you will need to provide evidence of this with your BPA membership application. 

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