Results: May 2019 Council Elections

Results: May 2019 Council Elections 

As a member-led association, the democratic process sits at the centre of what we do. 

In the below tables you can see the names of the successful candidates in each of the elections. There were 18 candidates standing in competitive elections for a total of eight positions, with five candidates standing for endorsement as the sole candidate for a position. These were amongst our most contested elections with nearly 50% of all members getting involved in the election by voting.

While congratulating the winning candidates, we would also like to express our thanks and well wishes to all the other candidates who were unsuccessful in this election.  There are other positions in our Governance structure coming up for election in the coming months and we would like to encourage any members who are interested to get involved and nominate themselves. If you have any questions or for more information on the BPA's governance please contact

Elected by Competitive Election

Membership Group

Successful Candidate

Parking Structures Representative

Russell Simmons

Chair of the London Region

John McArdle

Individual Members Representative

Ian Gamble

2x Parking on Private Land Operator Representatives

Conor Greely and Grahame Rose

2x Directly Elected Representatives

Ken Prior and Philip Hammer

National Operators Representatives

Stuart Harrison


Elected Unopposed 

Membership Group


Chair of the Midlands Region

Anjna Patel MBE

Chair of the South East Region

Bob Spicer

Local Authority Representative 

Richard Walker

Consultants Representatives 

Trevor Clark

Higher Education Representative

Ian Goodwin