Manifesto for Parking

Parking is part of everyday life and it is essential that we create a positive parking experience for everyone in the UK.

Following the call for a snap General Election to be held on 8 June 2017 we launched our Manifesto for Parking to ensure the key objectives of the parking profession and the necessary actions to improve the standards in parking are heard.

At the heart of our Manifesto is a strong commitment to raise standards and deliver a professional and consistent service across the parking sector.

As the recognised authority in the parking sector the British Parking Association is driving change and we want commitment from the next government to act to ensure a smarter and more sustainable future for everyone.

Effective parking management keeps businesses and people moving. Without it, we all suffer. With proper investment, acceptance and adoption of new technology, we can create a more mobile society for now, and for the future.

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To download our Manifesto for Parking please click here.


Placing people at the heart of parking management

Support and encourage investment and innovation into sustainable products and services

The parking profession remains acutely aware of the importance of reducing its carbon footprint. The BPA will work with its members, stakeholders and Government to reduce emissions and improve air quality. We will do this by promoting the use of technologies to improve drivers’ location of available parking spaces which will reduce circulating traffic, shorten journey time and reduce congestion for everyone.

The Government and the public must appreciate that new and emerging technologies can play an active and effective role in ensuring that parking services work fairly and responsibly for everyone.

Connect people’s mobility aspirations with emerging technology in parking

The BPA is committed to ensuring its members provide infrastructure and services to enable a sustainable mobile society. We will keep the customer at the heart of our work to ensure this is delivered fairly and responsibly to improve people's mobility and discourage the use of technology for the sake of it.

The Government should act to better enable and remove the uncertainties surrounding the use of new and emerging technologies in parking. We want the Government to encourage innovation in parking policies and standards for the delivery of parking services for everyone.

Encourage all owners and operators to have a life care plan for their car parks

Good quality, well designed and properly managed and maintained car parks are vital to the success of the UK's towns and cities. We will continue to provide knowledge and guidance to ensure structural safety and integrity of car parks remains paramount.

We want Government to recognise the importance of life-care planning for all of Britain’s car parks.


Placing parking at the heart of policy making

Developing parking policy to ensure fair use of parking facilities and services

We want to see parking providers improve access to parking facilities for all. We also believe that parking service providers should be able to find out who is using their facilities, they then have a responsibility to use this information fairly and in accordance with the law.

We want to see Government and DVLA improve the registering of vehicles and the traceability of vehicles registered outside of the UK.  Likewise, ensure persistent evaders and those that continue to misuse the Blue Badge cannot avoid enforcement, they should acknowledge and learn from their actions.

Improve consistency in the way parking services are managed and delivered by local authorities

The BPA believes that where possible consistency should be ensured to prevent confusion and improve fairness in parking management.

We want Government to extend the provisions of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2003 and implement Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act for all local authorities, not just London. This will ensure footway parking, one way streets, cycle and bus lanes, weight limits and other moving traffic contraventions are consistently and properly managed everywhere. It will allow local authorities everywhere to better manage our streets, reduce congestion and improve air quality, while enabling police to focus their resources on vehicle safety.

Improve transparency in parking management

Further transparency and accountability to their community will improve the comprehension of parking management. Local devolution must empower our big cities and provide integrated transport solutions in a way not seen before except in London.

We want Government or future local Mayors to regularly review all Penalty Charges, which must be set at a value to encourage compliance with parking and traffic management rules. Outside London, Penalty Charges have not been reviewed or changed since 2001.

We also want Government to make Parking Annual Reports mandatory too, ensuring local authorities inform and engage with their community, tackle misconceptions and ultimately provide a transparent assessment of their parking provision. We will also encourage transparency by local authorities in the management of parking both on-street and off-street by working with local authority bodies to assist local authorities with advice and support when communicating how parking income is spent.

Raising standards in the private parking sector

The BPA believes there remain opportunities to improve the understanding, consistency and standards in the management of parking on private land. We will continue to work with business associations to show how well managed parking can assist local businesses.

We want Government to put in place a consistent set of standards with a single code of practice and single appeals service.


Recognising the need for high standards in the delivery of parking services

Improving everyone’s understanding of why parking is managed

Proper and effective parking and traffic management is essential to support sustainable growth in our town centres and high streets.

We want Government and DVSA to improve the acceptance and recognition of the value of parking management and enforcement by better educating motorists when learning to drive.

Improving respect and recognition of parking professionals

The BPA will continue to seek better protection and respect for people delivering parking services and for a reduction in abuse and malicious behaviour towards Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO’s).

We want the Government to make it a specific offence to assault a CEO.

Encouraging professionalism and continuous development to raise standards

We want to ensure parking is a recognised profession.

We want Government to recognise better our awards and accreditations, which provide development opportunities for professionals and can raise standards in parking facilities everywhere.

To download our Manifesto for Parking please click here.