HERE Technologies and Siemens Mobility have joined forces to to offer local authorities the possibility to monitor journey times without the need for additional on-street hardware.


Siemens Mobility is integrating the HERE corridor travel time application programming interface (API) into its ‘journey time as a service’ solution for the UK market. This new traffic management option is based on data rather than hardware, and has already been adopted by Bedford Borough, Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole, Hampshire County, and Warrington Borough Councils.


‘Thanks to HERE’s flexibility and expertise, we are now pleased to be in a position to offer UK local authorities and transport bodies an accurate data-driven solution that is both fast to deploy and cost effective – and that is key for operating transport networks more efficiently,’ said Wilke Reints, managing director – intelligent traffic systems at Siemens Mobility.


[blob] New data, sourced by Siemens Mobility in partnership with HERE Technologies, shows that traffic levels in Edinburgh and Glasgow have exceeded pre-pandemic levels, sparking fears about air quality.

Daily traffic is seven per cent higher in Edinburgh and four per cent higher in Glasgow in comparison to February 2020.

Despite these trends, both cities have taken the decision to pause the implementation of clean air zones (CAZs).

Reints said: ‘The traffic levels documented in Edinburgh and Glasgow surpass pre-Covid levels and this follows a similar trend across the UK. Air quality is the most significant environmental risk to human health and both cities must continue to progress CAZs plans to protect the health of the public.’

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