Maidstone has become the first local authority outside of London to offer RingGo’s Net Zero Parking, which allows drivers of battery electric vehicles (EVs) to park for free as long as they use RingGo. The council is trying to encourage a speedier move to EVs ahead of the 2030 ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles, and to reduce pollution in and around Maidstone.

RingGo’s managing director Peter O’Driscoll said: ‘Free parking for electric vehicles is sending a clear message about the council’s support for greener parking. We expect this to be the first of many local authorities to be implementing schemes like this.’

Jeff Kitson, parking services manager for Maidstone, said: ‘Air quality is a major health concern for many of our residents and this is something we can do to encourage a change to electric. The money saved on parking fees by a daily user of our car parks will be a significant contribution to the higher cost of electric cars.’ Islington Council has transformed its current Emissions Based Parking solution to a Net Zero solution with the support of RingGo. Net Zero Parking is a green transport policy where environmentally friendly cars pay less for parking.

The council has included a diesel surcharge in its parking tariffs since 2018 and benefitted from a decrease of in diesel vehicle usage as a result. The new Net Zero Parking solution builds on this success, demonstrating Islington Council’s continued commitment to promoting cleaner air and green vehicle adoption.

Now motorists who drive electric vehicles in Islington will pay a significantly discounted parking rate compared to petrol and diesel vehicles – a 20p flat charge for up to four hours of parking. The council is also introducing three different pricing bands for petrol vehicles, while diesel vehicles will be subject to an increased surcharge. RingGo’s Net Zero Parking requires no fixed equipment, gantries or cameras.

Peter O’Driscoll, managing director at RingGo said: ‘The introduction of Net Zero parking will mean residents can continue to enjoy a cleaner environment. Poor air quality has hugely negative impact on heath – Islington is setting a bold precedent to tackle this issue head on with RingGo’s green transport scheme.’

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