BW Legal's CEO and co-founder Rachael Withers has recently been recognised by JP Morgan in the bank's Top 200 Female-Powered Businesses report.* The report looked at female-driven private UK businesses that have grown sales, headcount or valuation at extraordinary rates. BW Legal was placed third, with Starling Bank and Bluebella were ranked first and second respectively. 

JP Morgan Private Bank commissioned the report, in partnership with Beauhurst, to provide a more nuanced understanding of the role of women in UK business and enterprise. The report is the first of its kind and takes a broader approach, not only focusing on female-founded firms, but capturing a more diverse group of companies to tell a richer story.

It is hoped that knowledge gained through this report can help tackle systemic challenges and enable the continued success of women entrepreneurs, female funders and businesses powered by women. 

Withers said: ‘Often it can be difficult for women who feel disadvantaged in predominantly male-dominated industries, however, I have never allowed gender to be a barrier or define my success. Being recognised for awards of this magnitude is representative of a society that is working hard to look beyond gender and allow females to define our own legacy that inspires other

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