Parking platform JustPark will make more than 800 electric vehicle (EV) charging points available on the Zap-Map platform from this month, with new locations continually added thereafter to reflect the rapid growth of JustPark’s network. These charge points, initially those located on residential driveways, will form part of the Zap-Home network.

This new partnership between JustPark and Zap-Map will add a significant number of new residential points to the map. Visible to more than 150,000 monthly Zap-Map users, EV drivers will be able to search for JustPark chargers close to them, then pre-book and pay via the Zap-Map app to ensure they have a guaranteed space and charger.

Anthony Eskinazi, founder and CEO of JustPark, said: ‘EV ownership today is heavily weighted towards people lucky enough to have their own driveway to charge on. We need charging solutions that allow all EV drivers to easily and reliably recharge their car, and not force them to only rely on city centre chargers. By hosting our community of charge point owners on Zap-Map, we are ensuring that as many people as possible have access to reliable, affordable EV charging.’

JustPark’s Anthony Eskinazi will joined by representatives from Zat-Map and Octopus Energy to talk about the role of parking in the future of electrification in Parking Podium’s first webinar on 2 June. Register here:  

[blob] JustPark has worked with the Snowdonia National Park team to launch a prebook solution for the popular Pen y Pass car park. Drivers now need to use the JustPark app or website to pre-book their visit to Pen y pass at least 24 hours in advance.

As the solution utilises the established JustPark platform, the set up time took only a few weeks.

Last summer JustPark worked with the West Wittering Estate to install a similar solution for its beach car parks. The pre-book and cashless system won industry awards as it led to increased control of visitor numbers to the popular West Sussex location.

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