APT Skidata has launched an app that enables local authorities and other car park operators to manage parking across multiple environments.

 Path can be tailored to all types of car park, and can accommodate staff parking, corporate accounts, reservations, and VIP drop-off zones – all in one app. Registered motorists store their payment and vehicle details on Path, and can set up ‘autopay’ for quick, touchless payment – and fast entry and exit – at any Path-enabled car park. They can also buy parking passes through the app, removing costly administration from the operator.

 Owners and operators can use their own logo, images and colour scheme on Path, and can ‘push’ special offers out to registered users. The app also provides real-time user data. Derek McClean, head of product at APT Skidata, said: ‘Path helps reduce the total cost of ownership of parking, as it reduces the reliance on having so many pay stations.’

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