Harrogate Borough and North Yorkshire County Council have confirmed the appointment of AppyWay’s Smart City Parking solution following a successful trial across Harrogate town centre.

The trial launched in January 2019 and was the first of its kind, involving the installation of 2,156 smart sensors and the consolidation of digitised parking data, parking payments, automatic number plate recognition barriers and linear pricing into a single solution for the two authorities that enabled a totally seamless experience for users of the AppyParking mobile app.

During the trial, more than 600 smart parking users were surveyed and their feedback has shown that the smart city parking scheme creates a better parking experience for residents and visitors to the town, and provides a benefit to the local economy and environment, as well as financial advantage for councils and the customers.

Dan Hubert, AppyWay founder and CEO, said: ‘We’re thrilled to see our Smart City Parking scheme in Harrogate extended by up to a further four years.Our solution provides an exceptional customer experience that has resulted in hugely positive feedback, longer parking sessions and more time spent in the town.’


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