Great British Parking Poll

Our poll asks the most topical questions that are currently being asked within the parking profession.

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Previous polls and results:

  • Have you parked in a parents and child bay, even though you didn't have a child with you?

86% of voters said no, they had never parked in a designated parent and child bay, 13% said they had.

  • What do you think of the new I-ticket app?

50% of voters think the new app is a bad idea, 33% think the app is a good idea, 16% were not sure and wanted to see the results of its use. To read more about the app read our blog.

  • Should there be a single body overseeing private parking companies?

72% said yes, 9% said no, 18% said they weren't sure. There is a clear want for a single standard setting body and we will continue pushing Government to implement one.

  • If elected to power, which political party would improve the parking industry the most?

34.6% of voters thought Labour would improve the parking industry the most, followed by the Conservatives with 25.2%. In a reflection of the actual General Election UKIP polled strongly finishing with 16.5%, while the Lib Dems came last with just 4.7%. The Greens and SNP polled 11% and 5.5% respectively.

  • Are driverless cars the future of motoring?

40% of voters thought 'no chance', 26% thought 'definitely', 27% thought 'possibly' and just 7% weren't sure.  There are obviously strong objections to this technology.  However, if you add the enthusiastic adopters to the late adopters (definitely and possibly) driverless technology looks more accepted than first appears.  So assuming concerns are addressed, driverless cars could be around sooner than we think.

  • How much parking at Christmas is reasonable?

The overwhelming majority thought more than 3 hours parking is reasonable at Christmas.  This was more than twice the number that thought 2-3 hours was sufficient with only a handful opting for between 1-2 hours.  With internet shopping allegedly on the rise, perhaps we need the time for social gatherings instead.

  • How should hospital parking be funded?

The results of this poll were extremely close.  We offered three options; The NHS Trust, the car park user or central government (tax).  21.29% voted for the NHS Trust, 40% voted for the car park user and 38.71% voted for central government tax.  A very close and interesting result and worth discussing to find an equitable and cost effective solution.

  • Are hospital parking charges a tax on the sick?

The overwhelming majority of 86% say these charges are a tax on the sick, 12% disagreed and 2% are unsure.

  • How many UK car parks are in the Safer Parking Scheme?

Well, there's an estimated 17,000-20,000 car parks in the UK and 1 in 4 have the Park Mark award.  Congratulations to 33% of our voters!

The majority thought that it was a lot less at 1 in 10. You can search for a Park Mark car park at

  • We asked whether you thought the number of PCNs issued in London over the last 5 years had fallen, risen or stayed the same.

Congratulations to the 26% who correctly identified that PCN issuance had actually fallen by 20% during that time. 68% thought that issuance had risen and 6% believed it had stayed the same

  • 94% of all parking acts are free

40% thought this was true, 44% thought it was false and 16% didn't know.

I can reveal that 94% of all parking acts are actually free.  It does include travel between home and work where, in most cases, parking is free

  • Do you think current levels of local authority parking enforcement are too high?

73% said yes, 18% said they were about right and 9% said no.

  • Did your High Street have free parking this Christmas? (Choose one)

60% said that it did influence where they shopped, with 21% saying they spent more money on the high street and 9% said they spent more time on the high street.

  • How much does an average household spend on parking in a year?

An average household spends £47 per year on parking.  Well done to the 55% who chose the right answer, 35% thought this was false and 10% opted for 'don't know'.

  • Local authorities in England & Wales should produce an annual report on their parking enforcement activities?

87.5% of respondents said yes, local authorities should produce an annual report, only 9% said no and 3.5% didn't know.

  • Is it OK to use cameras/ANPR to manage parking which causes congestion or road safety hazards?

63% of respondents said yes, 34% said no and the remaining 3% weren't sure.

  • Would more flexible payment methods encourage parking in town centres?

70% said yes it would, 25% said no and the rest weren't sure.

  • 'Is town centre prosperity hampered by inadequate parking provision?'

70% said Yes, prosperity is hampered by inadequate parking

  • Should fixed PCNs be proportionate to the vehicle? i.e. higher value vehicles pay a higher penalty?

An overwhelming 93% said No to that one!

  • Should all those who undertake parking enforcement be properly regulated?

96% of you said Yes, they should.

  • Is clamping on private land illegal?

We were testing your knowledge of the law here and 80% of respondents were correct, clamping is illegal.

  • 'Should motorists be allowed 15 minutes free parking on double yellow lines outside shops?'

What did you think? Well, 61% said no, it shouldn't be allowed; 36% said it should.

  • Do current penalty charge levels act as a deterrent, encouraging compliance with traffic management and parking rules?

56% of you said yes, they were a sufficient deterrent; 38% said they weren't.  We also asked..

  • Do you think Penalty Charge Notices should be reviewed?

74% of you said they should; 20% said no.

  • Should all local authority parking be free and instead paid for by an increase in Council Tax?

67% respondents said no; 30% said yes.  Paying for parking at the point of consumption is still the preferred option it would seem.