Fellowship of the BPA

Please note that the deadline for 2019 applications has now passed and the following is for information only.

Fellow (FBPA) is our most prestigious grade of individual membership. 

Being a Fellow raises your profile as an industry leader, boosts your career prospects and earning potential, recognises your commitment to the BPA, as well as your expert knowledge and capability, and enhances your credibility, relevance and professionalism in a competitive market.

Being awarded a Fellowship grade is a true mark of distinction and recognition of your contribution to, and impact upon, the parking profession.

If you have extensive experience and can clearly demonstrate a sustained significant contribution to the profession you may be eligible.

 To be selected you will need to meet the following criteria:

  1. A minimum of 5 years in individual membership, at least 2 of which must be at ‘Member’ grade
  2. Evidence of active engagement and participation in BPA boards/service boards/working groups
  3. Evidence of your strategic influence - developed, delivered and implemented a wide-reaching, long term strategies
  4. Evidence of your substantial and influential leadership, through implementing change or achieving a recognised positive outcome
  5. Evidence of your impact and contribution - your personal contribution to the profession through debate, networking and thought leadership
  6. A commitment to CPD – acting as a role model creating a culture of learning
  7. Assurance that you Act with integrity and have complied with the BPA’s code of conduct
  8. Willingness to actively participate in the BPA mentoring scheme

All applicants are required to provide references from two existing Fellows. A list of our current Fellows can be seen below.

BPA Fellows

  • Gary Osner
  • Peter Lowe
  • John McArdle
  • Angela O'Shea
  • Anjna Patel
  • Nigel Williams
  • Alan Wood
  • Stephen Thompson
  • Kelvin Reynolds
  • Paul Necus
  • Glynnis Jeavons

You may contact any of the Fellows via Fellowship@britishparking.co.uk

 Download a copy of the application form here.

 Please note that the deadline for 2019 applications has now passed.

If you have applied already the next steps are as follows. Applications will be assessed by a panel of existing Fellows. The outcome of your application will be communicated to you by mid-June 2019 and those who are successful will be invited to our prestigious President's reception at the House of Commons in July.

If you have any questions about this process please contact us on 01444 255942 or email sarah.f@britishparking.co.uk