Feedback and Complaints

We value customer feedback and want to make it as easy as possible for you to let us know your comments.  We hope that both our staff and our members provide the service you expect at all times. Our staff are committed to responding/acknowledging all enquiries and complaints within three (3) working days of receiving them.  

We would especially like to hear from you if you feel the BPA has:

  • treated you unfairly or disrespectfully or
  • not delivered on our promises, such as a service or the provision of information

Access the BPA Complaints Policy and Procedure (last updated August 2019)   

Read our Vexatious Correspondence Policy

BPA Organisation or Staff

If you wish to provide feedback or a complaint about the BPA or one of our staff, in the first instance please email us or write to British Parking Association, Chelsea House, 8-14 The Broadway, Haywards Heath, RH16 3AH giving full details of your feedback/ complaint. 

BPA members

If you wish to complain about one of our members, you should write to the company or organisation in question in the first instance giving full details of your complaint. We are unable to assist with complaints about individual parking incidents, but if you believe there has been a breach of our code of professional conduct, you can provide feedback.

The Equality Act 2010

We value all enquiries and will always try to provide excellent service without discrimination under the Equality Act 2010. 


If your complaint is regarding a member of one of our schemes please see below: 

Approved Operator Scheme members

Enquiries or Complaints about members of our Approved Operator Scheme should be submitted in writing using our AOS enquiry/complaint form 

If you wish to check the status case you have already submitted please use this form, you will need your email address and case number

 A list of our Approved Operator Scheme members can be found here or to read more about our Approved Operator Scheme click here.

If your complaint does not relate to one of the listed members of our Approved Operator Scheme, please use our general enquiries form.

Safer Parking Scheme members

Whilst we have a procedure for dealing with investigations and complaints, you should write to the company or organisation in question in the first instance giving full details of your complaint. Provide feedback about an SPS member (these are members displaying the Park Mark logo in their car parks).

If you have received a parking ticket

Please visit our information resource Know Your Parking Rights for information about what to do if you receive a parking ticket on the public highway or on private land