EV charging webinar


Join us online, 25 October at 11:30

Are you interested in EV charging?  Are you looking to get involved but don't know where to start? Then this webinar is for you!

Focusing on the EV charging market and the challenges facing Parking Decision Makers, Land Owners and Operators join us online and find out more.

This a must see event for all decision makers within the parking profession.  

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July 2018 saw the introduction of the government’s Road to Zero strategy. The webinar, sponsored by E.ON Drive will discuss the Road to Zero strategy focusing on the practicalities of the strategy and the impact on business. Look at ways infrastructure can be introduced, while considering the cost, management and maintenance of EV charging points.

Speakers for this event will be:

Hannah Collishaw Director, E.ON Drive UK

Lawrence Slade Chief Executive, Energy UK

Daniel Brown Policy Manager, Renewable Energy Association

Nick Lester-Davis Traffic and Parking Consultant

Julian O’Kelly Head of Technology, Innovation and Research, British Parking Association (Moderator)

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