Environmental Policy


We recognise our activities impact the environment, in particular, employee transport, member events and the activities of our offices. This policy describes how BPA mitigates these impacts, is committed to pollution prevention and legal compliance and strives for and sets targets to achieve continual environmental improvement.


When planning meetings or other travel, our staff take into consideration the environmental impact of the journey and:

  • Only arrange a meeting requiring travel if absolutely necessary. Use telephone or video conferencing if possible
  • Reduce the use of single occupancy car travel
  • Where practical, use public transport, cycling or walking
  • Drive responsibly to optimize fuel use
  • Ensure regular maintenance of our vehicles to maximise their efficiency to help reduce emissions



When planning events our staff:

  • Keep their environmental impact in mind
  • Choose venues with convenient locations to public transport options
  • Avoid printing agendas and hand-outs, unless necessary, and provide information to delegates online



Our staff take the environment into consideration and ensure:

  • Energy and water usage and waste generation is regularly monitored
  • Waste materials are segregated and recycled
  • Documents are only printed where necessary and double sided, black and white printing is set as default
  • PCs, printers and other electrical devices are switched off overnight and when not in use, and should not be left in standby mode
  • Energy is conserved with motion sensor lighting at our head office



When sourcing items our staff should:

  • Consider the environmental performance of companies in our supply chain, and wherever financially viable give preference to products and suppliers with least environmental impact.
  • Ensure redundant items are disposed of with the environment in mind, reusing and recycling where possible

This Policy is reviewed annually and updated to reflect new initiatives and developments. Employees are included in the process of identifying and implementing new environmental initiatives. Further details on individual policy items can be shared on request.