Disabled Parking Accreditation

DPA accreditation 2016

The Disabled Parking Accreditation (DPA) is owned by Disabled Motoring UK and managed by the British Parking Association.

The DPA is primarily aimed at improving parking for disabled people and reducing abuse of disabled spaces.  It requires owners/operators to adopt an active management strategy to ensure that there is a minimal occurrence of disabled bay abuse, there are facilities suitable for disabled people and that recognition is made of the extra time taken by disabled people in the form of a concession.

The purpose of the DPA is to:

  • Ensure the accessible bays provided meet Building Regulation size
  • Provide guidance to owners, operators and developers of parking facilities on the suitable number of accessible bays to be provided
  • Ensure disabled motorists can use the car park with ease
  • Raise awareness among the general public that the owner/operator has considered and, where appropriate, taken action and introduced measures to ensure the parking facility is suitable for disabled motorists
  • Provide an easy way for disabled motorists to locate a car park which is suitable for their needs
  • Reduce disabled bay abuse
  • Ensure disabled people are not penalised for the extra time taken when using parking facilities

 Fee structure

If the car park has the Park Mark award, the fee per car park is as follows: 

DPA fees 

DPA with SPS

If the car park does not have the Park Mark award, the fee per car park is as follows:

DPA without SPS

Download an application form and email to dpa@britishparking.co.uk

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