Corporate Individual Membership

What is Corporate Individual Membership?

Corporate Individual Membership has recently been introduced for our corporate members. It is designed to cater for organisations who are committed to investing in their employee’s professional development and to bringing about a culture change where people in parking are rewarded and recognised for the contributions they make to our sector, and the wider community. 

What are the benefits?

There are benefits to the individual, the employing organisation and to our parking sector as a whole. The table below outlines the current benefits.



Access to a range of professional development opportunities, including hundreds of e-learning courses on a broad range of topics

Access to the BPA wellbeing hub - providing support through qualified counsellors and psychotherapists

Access to our CPD tools and resources, including our Professional Development Framework

Account manager for support, information and advice

Access to the BPA Resource Library

Use of post-nominal letters to reflect their level of expertise and experience

Opportunities to stand for election to our Council of Representatives and our Professional Development & Standards board

Be part of a growing and diverse membership community

Use of the BPA Lawline, offering up to 30 minutes of free legal advice

A copy of our award-winning monthly magazine, Parking News

Monthly e-zine containing professional development news, advice, insights and resources


Increases employee engagement and improved retention rates as employees feel valued and part of a supportive, wider, growing community

Improves employee wellbeing through the BPA wellbeing hub

Increases competitive advantage by demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to high standards

Increases public confidence in the organisation as employees are members of a professional, standard setting body

Attracts talented individuals to the organisation

Raises standards within the organisation by enhancing the professional development opportunities for employees

A cost effective, user-friendly e-learning resource which includes reporting functions and the ability to track employee’s progress

Membership belongs to the corporate BPA member and as such, is fully transferable within that organisation.


Enhances the image of the parking sector as a good place to work, where employees are valued, and careers are developed

Enhances the reputation of our sector amongst the public, media, government, and other key stakeholders

Contributes to a growing culture of professional development

New initiatives in progress

As a not-for-profit Association, we remain committed to significantly investing in our individual membership and are looking to progress the following initiatives over the next year: 

  • Mentoring programme
  • Jobs board
  • Parking specific e-learning
  • An event for individual members
  • Peer to peer on-line networking opportunities

 We shall continue to listen to what our members tell us to inform future enhancements to individual membership.

Want to know more?

Corporate Individual Membership is available to all BPA corporate members. To join our growing community or for more information please contact our membership team on 01444 447300 or by email to 

We can provide temporary access to the e-learning and are happy to talk through the on-boarding process to ensure your employees get the most out of this exciting opportunity.

Subscription rates for 2020/2021 start at £71 per person pa. Discounts for groups of 5 or more employees are shown in the table below

No of employees Corporate individual pp pa
1-4  £71.00 pa
5-100 10% discount
101 - 200 15% discount
201 + 20% discount