We respond to all government consultations that impact on our members across the parking and traffic management sector.

Below are our responses to consultations which incorporate members feedback. We also encourage you to respond directly to consultations, on behalf of yourselves or your organisation. If you have comments you would like us to consider including in our consultation responses, please do email us at consultations.

Open consultations

Future of transport regulatory review:
call for evidence on micromobility vehicles, flexible bus services and mobility as a service

This Call for Evidence asks for information and views on 3 areas of the ‘Future of transport regulatory review’. The 3 areas are:

  • micromobility vehicles
  • flexible bus services
  • mobility as a service (MaaS)

It asks:

  • whether certain micromobility vehicles (such as electric scooters) should be permitted on the road, and if so what vehicle and user requirements would be appropriate
  • how effective existing rules are around flexible bus services, and which other areas of the bus, taxi and private hire vehicle framework should be considered in this review
  • what the opportunities and risks of MaaS platforms might be, and what role central and local governments should play in their development

Please let us know your views to feed into our response by 4 May 2020  The Government deadline is 22 May 2020.

Fire safety: risk prioritisation in existing buildings – a call for evidence

This will help The Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government commission research to develop an evidence base on fire safety risk in buildings, which could assist building owners in the prioritisation of risks in existing buildings and prioritisation of buildings based on a broader understanding of risk. It wants views and evidence that will help MHCLG to define the scope of the research, stakeholder and industry views on approaches, tools and methodology that should be considered for this complex project. 

The proposed research is in line with the Secretary of State’s commitment to conducting a full-scale technical review of the guidance to the Building Regulations and to provide advice to building owners and residents.

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