We respond to government consultations we feel have an impact on our members across the many sectors within the parking and traffic management profession.

Below are our responses to consultations which incorporate feedback from our members. We also encourage you to respond directly, on behalf of yourselves or your organisation. If you have comments you would like us to consider including in our consultation responses, please email consultations.

Current open consultations

Vehicle parking control equipment
The technical and functional requirements standard for vehicle parking control equipment which includes pay and display machines, has been revised and The British Standard Institute invite BPA members to give their views on it.  So, if you manufacture, operate, maintain or use parking terminals please do comment. Security, ease of operation and connectivity are just some of the areas covered and it includes:

  • pay and display
  • pay and go, and
  • pay on departure modes of operation.

Please email consultations by 17 April.

Pavement parking inquiry 
The Transport Select Committee have launched an inquiry into pavement parking to try and address that there has been no progress since the 2015 Pavement Parking Protections Bill.  We welcome this development and recognise that tackling this issue has proved difficult, as councils outside London do not have the powers they need.
Please let us know your views by 5 May to consultations, or give them directly to the Select Committee by 14 May.
The Committee wants evidence of:

  • the impact of pavement parking
  • the enforcement of pavement parking offences, and
  • enforcement and, if necessary, reform of traffic regulation orders need to deal with pavement parking.

Road safety inquiry
The Transport Select Committee Road Safety Inquiry is investigating which changes would be most effective at reducing the number and severity of road traffic accidents. The Committee is calling for evidence on the following questions: 

  • how effective is the Government’s current approach to road safety?
  • are there any areas where the Government’s current approach to road safety could be improved?
  • what interventions would be most effective at reducing the number and severity of road traffic accidents?
  • what evidence is there on the effectiveness of these interventions?
  • how can interventions to reduce the number and severity of road traffic accidents best be implemented?

The deadline for written submissions to the Committee is 18 April or to us by 16 April.

If you know of other consultations we might be interested in responding to please let us know at consultations.

Our responses to consultations incorporating members feedback: 


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