Wherever it is someone needs to manage the parking…watch this space.

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The pollsters and pundits are predicting another hung parliament; but will this lead to a coalition? Who knows? And if it does no one seems to be sure which flavour or colours it will be and the options seem to increase by the day. No one seems to know who will be the largest single party and it seems increasingly unlikely that anyone will have an overall majority. It will also be interesting to see to what extent the Scottish Nationalist Party, UKIP or Green Party will be a feature of the next UK parliament and/or government. There are of course others, as well as the mainstream Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats parties. With 650 MP’s at Westminster and estimates suggesting that around 100 seats are so-called ‘marginal’ and likely to change, this of course means that 550 probably won't change. It’s important we try to understand who we should be negotiating with now and get a picture of the party or parties most likely to form the next UK government.

We believe that good quality, well designed and properly maintained parking provision is vital to the prosperity of Britain's towns and cities. Few manifestos talk about parking but you can bet it will be a hot topic whoever is in Government.

Government often talks about hard-working people and the need to support them, well we can show you some very hard-working parking managers up and down the country, keeping our streets safe, free from obstruction caused by indiscriminately parked cars; improving road safety, keeping children safe when they come out of school, protecting spaces for residents or particular groups like disabled people, enabling servicing and deliveries to take place in high streets that would become congested if parking wasn't managed.  UK PLC depends upon proper and effective provision, management, maintenance and yes sometimes, enforcement of parking.

It’s important that BPA remain neutral and unbiased. We don’t take a Conservative view of things but remain Liberal in our thinking. We are of course Democrats ourselves and we Labour long and hard for the benefit of all our members. We have Green credentials too, promoting innovation and sustainability across the parking sector. Our UK Independence is important to us but we do also like to Party with our friends in other Associations where we have a common interest. Increasingly pro European through EPA and yet also locally focused the BPA has strong and proud national groups in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland too. Here we must also recognise the Scottish and Welsh Nationalists have an opinion. We’d also be sure to note the diversity of Northern Ireland and the devolution underway in local Government. Election Fever…the temperature is rising…its decision time this week. Where will GREAT BRITIAN’s public take us next? We’ll find out soon enough. Wherever it is someone needs to manage the parking…watch this space.


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