BPA Parking Technology Members List


Member Name Web Site
2Park Technologies AS www.autopay.io
2020 Data Lab Limited www.2020datalab.com
3C Payment UK Ltd www.3CPayment.com
3D Parking Limited www.3dparking.co.uk
Accelogress Limited www.accelogress.com
Adaptis Solutions Limited (Dash/Pay By Phone) www.adaptis-solutions.com
Advam UK Limited www.advam.com
AEJ Management Ltd www.aejmanagement.com
All Fleet Services www.allfleetservices.co.uk
All Parking Services UK Limited www.allparkingservicesukltd.com
Alphatek Installations Ltd www.alphatekinstallations.co.uk
ANPR Management www.anprman.co.uk
Anpriot Limited www.anpriot.com
APT SKIDATA Ltd www.aptcontrols-group.co.uk
Atlas Enforcement Limited www.atlasenforcement.com
Aurrigo www.aurrigo.com
B4 Parking Limited www.b4parking.com
Bank Park Management Ltd www.bankpark.co.uk
Barbour Logic Limited www.barbourlogic.co.uk
Bemrose Mobile Limited www.bemrosemobile.com
BemroseBooth Paragon Ltd www.bemrosebooth.com
Berry Systems (Hill & Smith Ltd) www.berrysystems.co.uk
BFT Automation (UK) Ltd www.bft.co.uk
Bransby Wilson Parking Solutions Limited www.bransbywilson.co.uk
Bristol Batteries Ltd t-as BBL Batteries www.bblbatteries.co.uk
Bubbles Online Services Limited www.jisp.com
BVM Limited www.bvmltd.co.uk
Cale Access UK www.calebriparc.co.uk
Cammax Limited www.cammaxlimited.co.uk
Care Park (UK) Limited www.carepark.com.au
Castel Communication & Security UK Limited www.castel.co.uk
CCV www.ccv.eu
Centrica plc www.centrica.com
CDL www.cdl.co.uk
Chambers Parking Limited
Church Hill Solutions www.littercam.ai
CIS Security Ltd www.cis-security.co.uk
City Hotel Reservations Limited www.chreservations.com
Citysync Limited www.citysync.co.uk
Cleverciti Systems GmBH www.cleverciti.com/
Close Unit Protection Services Ltd (CUP) www.closeunitprotection.com
Cognetix Limited www.cognetix.co.uk
Commend UK www.commend.co.uk
Community Empowerment Employment & training C.I.C www.lockem.co.uk
Conduent Parking Enforcement Solutions Ltd  
Control Freq Ltd https://www.controlfreqgsm.com/
Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) www.cranePI.com
CSP (The Combined Services Provider Limited) www.gotocsp.com
Cummins-Allison Ltd www.cumminsallison.co.uk
DA Public Relations Ltd  
DESIGNA UK Ltd www.designa.de
Dragons Breath Solar www.dragonsbreathsolar.co.uk
Dynamic Mobile Billing Ltd www.dynamicmobilebilling.com
Easee UK Ltd www.easee.no
Easy Park Management Limited www.myeasypark.co.uk
Edesix Limited www.edesix.com
Egis Projects
EGS Nationwide Ltd
Elijah Logistics www.londoncentralparking.co.uk
Elm Trading Limited https://elm-trading.com/
ENGIE t/as ENGIE Services Limited (formally known as Cofely) www.cofely-gdfsuez.co.uk
Entry Parking Posts www.alligator-teeth.co.uk
Equifax Limited www.equifax.com
Eurosigns (UK) Limited www.eurosignsgb.co.uk
Event Support Team Limited
F L Beadle & Sons Limited www.flbeadlegroup.com
Fast Park Sistema srl www.fastpark.com
Faxi Limited www.faxi.co.uk
FES Lighting UK Limited www.future-energy.me.uk
First Parking LLP www.firstparking.co.uk
Flexisolar Limited www.flexi-solar.com
Flowbird Smart City UK Ltd www.flowbird.group
Gatamation Services Ltd t/a Gate-a-mation www.gate-a-mation.com
Genetec UK Limited www.genetec.com
GoParkit Technologies Limited www.goparkit.com
GRID Smarter Cities Limited www.gridsmartercities.com
Guarding Solutions & Training Services Ltd www.gsts-sia.com
Guard Tech Limited www.guardtechsecurity.com
Hall and Kay Fire Engineering Ltd www.hkfire.co.uk
Heedful Ltd www.heedfulapp.com
HERE Technologies www.here.com
Hill & Smith Ltd t/as Variable Message Signs www.vmslimited.co.uk
Hinton Garage Bath Ltd t/a Hinton Rescue www.hintonrescue.com
Hozah www.hozah.com
Hub Parking Technology A Business Unit of FAAC (UK) Ltd www.faac.co.uk
Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions also t/a Open Parking www.ices.imperial.co.uk
InaParc www.inaparc.co.uk
Industrial Cleaning Equipment Ltd www.ice-clean.com
Ingenico a Worldline brand https://www.ingenico.com
International Parking Systems UK Ltd www.ipsgroupinc.com
IoT Solutions Group www.iotsg.co.uk
ITAL Group Limited www.ital-uk.com
ITS (UK) www.its-uk.org.uk
Iview Solutions Limited www.iview.co.uk
JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK Ltd www.jenoptik.co.uk
JustPark Management Ltd www.parkatmyhouse.com
Keltic Clothing Limited www.kelticclothing.co.uk
KEY IVR Limited www.keyivr.co.uk
Lochwynd Limited www.lochwynd.com
Logic Service Management Ltd www.logicservicemanagement.com
MC Products UK Limited www.police-supplies.co.uk
Messagemaker Display
Metric Group Limited www.metricgroup.co.uk
MIG Security & Events Ltd T/A MBSS www.mbssuk.com
Mobile Worker Plus Limited www.mobileworkerplus.com
Modal Innovation Ltd t/a The Parking Shop www.theparkingshop.com
Motivation (Traffic Control) Limited www.motivation-tc.co.uk
Moto Parking UK www.motoparking.co.uk
Mr Parking Consultancy Manny Rasores de Toro
Mulberry Roofing Supplies Limited www.mulberry.uk.com
Nagels (UK) Ltd www.nagels.co.uk
Nayax UK Limited www.nayax.com
Network Merchants Ltd www.nmi.com
Newpark Security Ltd t/as Newpark Solutions www.newparksolutions.com
Online Parking Ltd (t/a Parking Space Rentals) www.parkingspacerentals.co.uk
Orbility Limited www.orbility.com
PAES UK Limited www.paesuk.com
Park Assist LLC www.parkassist.com
Park Now Ltd (RingGo) www.ringgo.co.uk
Parkare Limited www.alfia.co.uk
ParkBee www.parkbee.com
Parking and Secure Documents www.parkingandsecuredocuments.com
Parking Techniques www.parkingtechniques.com
Parkius www.parkius.io
ParkMobile (UK) Ltd www.parkmobile.com
Parkonomy Limited www.parkonomy.com
Parkopedia Limited www.parkopedia.com
ParkSmartSolutions www.parksmartsolutions.co.uk
PayByPhone www.verrus.com
Pilot Group https://www.thepilotgroup.co.uk/
PJM Lorry Park Limited www.pjmlorrypark.co.uk
ProxiSmart Ltd https://www.proxismart.co.uk/
Q-Free TDC www.q-free.com
RAH Services
Reliable Maintenance Limited http://www.rmlimited.co.uk
RenEnergy www.renenergy.co.uk
Renewable Energy Association www.r-e-a.net
Roadpixel Limited www.roadpixel.com
Scheidt & Bachmann (UK) Ltd www.scheidt-bachmann.com
Securitas Security Services Limited www.securitas.co.uk
Serco Limited www.serco.com
Shepper Limited www.shepper.com
Shield Security Services (Yorkshire) Ltd www.shield-security.co.uk
Siemens plc www.zencosys.com
Sign Trade Supplies www.signtradesupplies.co.uk
Sika Ltd www.sika.com
Simplyture UK www.simplyture.com
SolutionLabs Limited www.solutionlabs.co.uk
Space-Time Analytics (UK) Ltd www.spacetimeanalytics.co.uk
Spire Payments Limited www.spirepayments.com
SPS Security Limited www.sps-security.com
Stadium Traffic Management Limited www.stadiumtm.co.uk
StarTraq Limited t/a NotinMyParkingSpace.com www.startraq.com
Swarco UK Limited www.aptcontrols.co.uk
The Hero Group
The Isles of Scilly Parking Co Limited www.islesofscillyparking.co.uk
Tokheim Solutions UK Ltd www.tsg-solutions.com/en-gb/
Traffic Enforcement Systems Ltd (TES Ltd) www.tes.ltd.uk
Transmach Systems Limited www.transmach.co.uk
Tremco Illbruck Limited www.tremco-illbruck.com
UK Parking Design Limited www.ukparkingdesign.com
Unity Five Limited www.unity5.com
Urban Electric Networks Ltd https://www.urbanelectric.london/
Vexcolt UK Limited www.vexcolt.com
Videalert Limited www.videalert.com
Watch This Space Property Development Limited www.wts-property.com
Waveney Norse / Suffolk Coastal Norse www.ncsgrp.co.uk
Westwood Liquid Technologies Limited www.westwood.eu
WPS UK Ltd www.wps-uk.com
WSP UK Limited www.wsp.com
Your Parking Space Limited www.yourparkingspace.co.uk
YourPatrol Ltd www.yourpatrol.co.uk
Zenitel UK Limited www.zeniteluk.com