Model Contract

The BPA Model Contract for Parking Management and Associated Services (known as the Model Contract) is aimed at raising standards in the parking sector and has been designed for organisations that appoint service providers to manage their parking and associated services. It has been developed by the BPA, government, local contractors, and service providers and is endorsed by the Transport Select Committee and included in the Statutory Guidance.

The benefits of using the Contract include: -

  • Providing a standard template for the procurement of services
  • Encouraging best practice by ensuring that performance is measured on the quality of the service
  • Easing negotiations for both supplier and service provider
  • Easing the workload of organisations and time spent designing and preparing contracts

The Contract pack includes:

  • The Model Contract
  • A user guide
  • A series of schedules
  • A template invitation to tender

The cost to become a licensed user is £550 + VAT for BPA members (£1000 + VAT for non-members) for each year the Contract is in use. Income generated will be reinvested in updating and refining the Contract as and when needed.

If you are interested in using the Contract please email Dave Smith quoting Model Contract.

For details of how to become a member of the BPA either call 01444 447 300 or visit this page