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BPA Approved Operators - May 2022

Please scroll through the list below to view current members of the BPA's Approved Operator Scheme.  Tip: Use 'Ctrl + F' on your keyboard to bring up the 'find' function. Enter the company name you are looking for to search the entire page.

This list, which is updated on a regular basis, shows the type of service provided or enforcement methods used by our Approved Operators. It is for information purposes only and is based on data provided by members. Please note it is not an exhaustive list and, if a service or function does not appear here it does not mean that the operator is prohibited from carrying out that function. Our list of BPA Approved Operators shows the registered company name and, where necessary, trading style or brand names in order to assist consumers who may be attempting to identify one of our members.

Can't find the operator you are looking for below? Please note that there are two Accredited Trade Associations that operators can join, and thus obtain vehicle keeper details from the DVLA. If you cannot find the operator below then please refer to the list maintained by the International Parking Community here.

 If you have received a parking ticket from one of these organisations please take a look at our advice here.


Organisation Name Web Site ANPR  Back Office Debt Recovery Self Ticket Ticket
ABM Facilities Services UK Ltd http://(None) No No No No Yes
Advanced Parking Limited http://www.advancedparking.co.uk Yes Yes No Yes Yes
AGH Solutions Ltd http://www.airedale-trust.nhs.uk/ No No No No Yes
Alfa Parking Solutions t/as EV Parking Management http://evparkingmanagement.co.uk Yes No No No  
All Parking Services UK Limited http://www.allparkingservicesukltd.com No No No Yes Yes
Alpha Eyes Parking & Security Consultants Limited t/as Alpha Eyes Parking and Security www.aeparkingsecurity.co.uk No No No No Yes
AM Parking Services Ltd http://www.amparking.co.uk No No No No Yes
Anchor Security Services Ltd t/as Care Parking & t/as Ocean Parking http://www.anchorgroupservices.co.uk/services/care-parking Yes Yes No Yes Yes
ANPR Parking Services Ltd http://www.anprparkingservices.co.uk Yes No No Yes Yes
ANPR Payment recovery Ltd www.anprpayment.com Yes Yes No No  No
APCOA Parking (UK) Ltd http://www.apcoa.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
Atlas Enforcement Limited http://www.atlasenforcement.com No No No No Yes
BaySentry Solutions Ltd https://www.baysentry.com/ Yes Yes No No Yes
Bridge Security (CCTV) Ltd trading as Bridge Property Asset Management http://www.bridgesecurity.co.uk No No No No Yes
Britannia Parking Group Ltd t/a Britannia Parking Group/Britannia Parking/Britiannia Parking Services/Brit Park http://www.britannia-parking.co.uk Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Business Watch Guarding Limited http://www.business-watch.co.uk No No No No Yes
Canterbury Christ Church University http://www.canterbury.ac.uk No No No No Yes
Capital Car Park Control Ltd http://www.capitalcarparkcontrol.co.uk Yes No No Yes Yes
Car Park Services Limited also trading as HandyPark http://www.carparkservices.com No No No No Yes
Carflow Limited http://www.carflow.co.uk Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Carparkers (Anglia) Ltd http://www.carparkers.co.uk  Yes No No Yes Yes
Carrpool Ltd http://(None) Yes No No No Yes
City Parking Enforcement Ltd www.cpenforcement.co.uk          
City Permits Limited http://citypermits.co.uk No No No No Yes
Civil Enforcement Limited also t/as Starpark & Creative Car Park & Parksolve http://www.ce-service.co.uk Yes No No Yes Yes
Close Unit Protection Services Ltd (CUP) http://www.closeunitprotection.com No No No No Yes
Commercial Collection Services Ltd http://www.ccscollect.co.uk No No Yes No No
Corporate Services (Hereford) Limited t/as Corporate Services (Parking Management) http://www.cspmparking.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
CP Plus Limited t/as Group Nexus www.groupnexus.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
Dean Clough Limited http://www.deanclough.com No No No No Yes
Debt Recovery Plus Ltd also t/as Parking Collection Services & Zenith Collections https://www.debtrecoveryplus.co.uk/ No Yes Yes No No
Digital Parking Enforcement Ltd www.digitalparkingenforcement.co.uk No  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited http://www.dcbltd.com No No Yes No No
Dorset County Hospital Foundation Trust http://www.dchft.nhs.uk No No No No Yes
East Midlands Trains Limited http://www.eastmidlandstrains.co.uk No No No No Yes
Elite Car Parking Management Ltd http://www.eliteparkingmanagement.com No No No No Yes
ENGIE t/as ENGIE Services Limited (formally known as Cofely) http://www.cofely-gdfsuez.co.uk No No No No Yes
Enterprise Parking Solutions (EPS) http://www.enterpriseparking.co.uk Yes No No Yes No
Euro Car Parks Limited http://www.eurocarparks.com Yes No No Yes Yes
Euro Parking Collection Plc http://www.epcplc.com No No Yes No No
First Parking LLP http://www.firstparking.co.uk Yes No No Yes Yes
Fisc Parking Solutions Ltd www.fiscparkingsolutions.co.uk  No No No Yes Yes
Future Parking Limited http://www.future-parking.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
GBP Management Ltd https://www.gbparking.uk/  No No No No Yes
Gemini Parking Solutions London Ltd http://www.geminiparkingsolutions.com Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Good Value Parking Ltd http://www.gallangroup.com No No No Yes No
Green Parking Limited http://www.green-parking.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
Harper Adams University http://www.harper-adams.ac.uk No Yes No No No
Highview Parking Limited http://www.highviewparking.co.uk Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Horizon Parking Limited http://www.horizonparking.co.uk Yes No No Yes Yes
HSG Facilities Management t/a National Enforcement Solutions www.nationalenforcementsolutions.co.uk No Yes No Yes Yes
i-debt collection Ltd www.i-debtcollection.com No No Yes No No
Initial Parking Limited http://www.initialparking.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
IPSERV Limited http://www.ipserv.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
JD Parking Consultants Limited http://www.jdparking.co.uk No No No Yes Yes
Key Parking Solutions Limited http://www.keyparkingsolutions.co.uk No No No No No
LCP Parking Services Limited http://www.londoncarparks.co.uk Yes No No No No
LDK Security group Ltd www.ldkgroup.co.uk Yes  No No Yes Yes
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust http://www.leedsth.nhs.uk No No No No Yes
Local Parking Management Ltd  Www.localparkingmanagement.co.uk No  No No No Yes
Local Parking Security Limited http://www.localparkingsecurity.co.uk Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Lodge Parking Ltd http://www.lodgeparking.co.uk No No No Yes Yes
MET Parking Services Ltd http://www.metparking.com Yes No No Yes Yes
Minster Baywatch Ltd http://www.minsterbaywatch.co.uk Yes No No Yes Yes
MJB Facilities Management Limited www.mjbfm.co.uk No Yes No No Yes
NCP (EUK) Limited http://www.empark.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
NCP Limited http://www.ncp.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
Northwest Parking Management Limited http://www.nwparkingmanagement.co.uk Yes No No Yes Yes
NSGL Ltd trading as NSGL Parking http://www.nsglparking.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
NSL Limited http://www.nsl.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
Observices Parking Consultancy Ltd http://www.observices.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
OCS Group (UK) Limited t/as Legion Group http://www.legiongroup.co.uk No Yes No Yes Yes
OKS empire Ltd T/A Local Car Park Management http://www.localcarparkmanagement.com No No No Yes Yes
One Parking Solution Ltd http://www.oneparkingsolution.co.uk Yes Yes No Yes Yes
P4 Parking (UK) Ltd  http://www.p4parking.co.uk No No No No Yes
Parking and Security Solutions Limited http://www.parkingandsecurity.co.uk Yes No No Yes Yes
Parking Charge Limited http://www.pcnpay.co.uk Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Parking Control Solutions ltd www.parkingcontrolsolutions.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
Parking Enforcement & Security Services http://www.pessuk.com No No No No Yes
Parking Group Ltd www.parking-group-ltd.com Yes  Yes   Yes Yes
Parking Solutions 24 http://www.ps24.co.uk No No No No Yes
Parking Ticketing Ltd http://www.parkingticketing.co.uk No No No No Yes
ParkingEye also t/as Car Parking Partnership http://www.parkingeye.co.uk Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Park & Control (UK) Ltd www.parkandcontrol.co.uk Yes Yes No No Yes
Park Zone Limited www.parkzonelimited.com No Yes No Yes No
ParkMaven Limited http://www.parkmaven.com Yes No No No No
Premier Park Ltd http://www.premierpark.co.uk Yes No No Yes Yes
Private Parking Management Limited http://www.privateparkingmanagement.com Yes No No No Yes
Private Parking Solutions (London) Limited http://www.privateparkingsolutions.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
Q-Park Limited http://www.q-park.co.uk No No No No Yes
Ranger Services Ltd http://www.rangerservices.co.uk Yes No No Yes Yes
RCP Parking Ltd http://www.rcpparking.com No No No No Yes
Retail Park Ltd www.bankpark.co.uk No Yes No Yes Yes
Saba Park Solutions UK Limited and Saba Park Services UK Limited  http://www.sabaparking.co.uk Yes No No Yes  Yes
Sagoss Limited t/as ParkFair http://sagossgroup.com Yes No Yes No Yes
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust http://www.salisbury.nhs.uk No No No No Yes
Secure-a-Space Ltd http://www.secureaspace.co.uk Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Secure Parking Solutions Ltd www.secureparkingsolutions.co.uk  Yes Yes No No  Yes
Securitas Security Services Limited http://www.securitas.co.uk No No No No Yes
Select Parking Ltd http://www.selectparking.co.uk No No No No Yes
Serco Limited http://www.serco.com Yes Yes No No Yes
Shield Security Services (Yorkshire) Ltd http://www.shield-security.co.uk No No No Yes Yes
Smart Parking Ltd http://www.smartparking.com Yes No No Yes Yes
Spring Parking Limited http://www.springparking.co.uk Yes No No Yes Yes
SR Security Services Limited http://www.srsecurityservices.co.uk Yes No No No Yes
Total Car Parks Limited also trading as Go Ticketing http://www.totalcarparks.co.uk Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Total Parking Solutions Ltd http://www.totalparking.co.uk Yes No No Yes Yes
TRACE Enforcement Services Ltd www.thetracegroup.co.uk No No Yes No No
UK Parking Administration Ltd www.ukparkingadministration.com Yes Yes No No Yes
UK Parking Control Limited http://www.ukparkingcontrol.com Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Unity (Services) Limited t/as TNC Parking Services/TNC Collections/TNC Legal Services/Credit Investigation Services (UK) http://www.tncgroupservices.com No No Yes No No
University of Bradford http://www.bradford.ac.uk No No No No Yes
University of Edinburgh http://www.transport.ed.ac.uk No No No No Yes
University of Kent http://www.kent.ac.uk No No No No Yes
VARS Technology Ltd https://www.varstechnology.co.uk/ Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd t/as Flashpark Ltd http://www.flashpark.co.uk No No No Yes Yes
VIP City Parking t/as RFC Car Park Management www.rfc-carparkmanagement.ie No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Workflow Dynamics Limited http://www.workflowdynamic.co.uk Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ZZPS Ltd (t/as GCTT Certificated Enforcement Agents) http://www.zzps.co.uk No Yes Yes No No