Car Park Audit Report

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Why have a Car Park Audit Report?

The BPA’s qualified auditors conduct 1,000 mystery shop audits a year. Under this arrangement the feedback you receive will be notification of a pass/fail without any specific detail unless the car park has failed. In the case of a failure, the auditor will provide recommendations for improvement to get the site up to standard.

Rather than wait for a mystery shop that could happen at any time, you can request a Car Park Audit Report and demonstrate up-front:

  • Evidence to customers of high standards inspiring confidence in your management practices
  • Evidence of high standards in case of any disputes arising from the car park
  • Show existing clients of improvements made and detailed in the audit as evidence
  • Show new clients that you are commited to providing high standards of parking management


What does the Car Park Audit Cover?

The audit will measure against specific clauses within our Code of Practice. It covers all aspects of signage from sign size, font size, terms and conditions to position of signs and best practice guidance. Also included is surface area condition including lines, bay markings and directional signs.

Against each clause, the auditor will give detailed feedback with a pass/fail final assessment. Photographs of your entrance and car park signage will be included in the report. Your company logo can be incorporated onto the front page for the perfect finish.


How many sites can I have audited?

The choice is yours.  You have the option of a single car park audit or multiple sites, depending on your requirements.

Each audit report is valid for 2 years.



There is an introductory fee of £90 per Car Park Audit Report.  This is a flat rate, charged per car park.

To find out more contact the AOS team on 01444 447 307