Alliance for Parking Data Standards

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The Alliance for Parking Data Standards has been formed by the British Parking Association, the International Parking & Mobility Institute and the European Parking Association to develop, promote, manage and maintain a uniform global standard to allow organisations to share parking data across platforms worldwide.

The Alliance will create a consensus-built international standard to establish a common language for data elements and definitions in the parking, transportation, and mobility sector that will facilitate seamless integration, compatibility, and communication between parking entities, the automotive industry, IT developers, map and app providers, as well as other stakeholders.

The new Alliance will integrate the International Parking Industry Payment Standards (IPIPS) developed by the EPA and already available, and the Data Exchange Standards (IPI-DataEx) being developed by IPI. The IPIPS protocols ensure interoperability and help simplify the complex world of e-payments in parking.

The Alliance data standard will cover the full range of parking data elements, including parking location information and transactions, pricing, and occupancy/utilisation.

Nigel Williams, Chair of the BPA Board and chair of the Alliance said:  “The Alliance has a challenging task.  It is an ambitious initiative that will help shape the future of our sector.  We are particularly grateful to the UK Department for Transport for the funding they have provided to the BPA to help us develop the new parking data standard.”

Laurence A. Bannerman, president of the European Parking Association that represents 23 EU country members said:  “The use of data will be the cornerstone for future activity and development in the world of urban mobility.  There is a recognized need for an appropriate standard for parking data.   We are confident that in responding to this important challenge, we will enhance the potential force of the parking sector in a field that is of great interest to the political and industrial sectors and reinforce the positions of our members, both large and small.”

“By being able to share standardized data with our global counterparts, we can facilitate the seamless adoption and execution of car-sharing, ride-sharing, prepaid parking, dynamic pricing, remote management of facilities, reporting, and much more,” says Shawn Conrad, CAE, CEO of IPI, who will serve as CEO of the Alliance. “This will allow parking innovators to focus their resources on developing new services and operations rather than expending effort to connect technology solutions to each other.”

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