About the Parking Forum

The Parking Forum was conceived in 2002 as a means of debating parking and transport issues of concern to the parking sector and the wider community. Members consist of organisations or groups who have a keen interest in parking issues, whether directly or indirectly.

Mission - To influence change in parking and traffic issues for the benefit of all and to be recognised as a key influencer and voice concerning parking and transport matters.

Vision - The Forum will use its collective experience, knowledge and expertise to become a think-tank and voice to assist in debates involving parking and transport matters.

By raising awareness of current issues, the Forum will actively seek to provide important information in helping key decisions and policies made at both local and national level. We will continue to invite organisations who have experience in key areas to deliver a considered and respected voice on parking and transport matters.

The Forum has published over 20 Position Papers covering a wide range of topics providing a consensus view of the key issues affecting the parking sector today. Topics are decided in advance by the group and are closely related to the BPA's Five Year Strategy.

The Forum meets three times a year and is chaired by the BPA’s President, currently John McArdle.


Members consist of organisations or groups who each have a keen interest in parking issues, whether directly of indirectly. These include central and local government, transport operators (rail, coach, bus & the haulage sector), motoring organisations, planners, technical institutions and research organisations.

The Forum is always seeking new members and we are particularly keen for organisations representing sustainable transport, environment, event management, education, culture, sport and healthcare sectors. For more information on how your organisation can become a member of the Forum, please contact Dave Smith.