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The British Parking Association represents the UK parking and traffic management profession. Today, the Association’s 750 members include local authorities, those providing and managing parking at hospitals, universities, retail and leisure centres, towns and city centres, railway stations, and airports. Then there are those who provide products and services to them and the motoring public alike such as apps, payments systems, and other technology designed to make the parking experience a better one, not forgetting those who are designing and building the car parks of the future.  With 39 million vehicles on Britain’s roads, and increasing every year, it is essential that parking is provided, well managed, and that it works. In addition, we represent over 600 individuals and have a separate membership structure to support their professional development. 

We are a not-for-profit organisation working with our members and stakeholders to support their communities, improve compliance by those managing and using parking facilities, and encourage fairness to achieve our vision of excellence in parking for all.

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We are 50 

In 2020 the BPA celebrates its 50th Birthday. Founded by eminent political leaders and major players from UK parking in 1970 who had the vision of collaboration and sharing knowledge for mutual benefit and the common good: today we carry on with that work with over 750 members from every sector of the UK parking community. In the 1970s there was a major expansion of town center parking and many of Britain's multi-story car parks were built in the twenty years that followed. In our big cities, on-street parking had been managed for over ten years with Britain's first parking meters and traffic wardens in Mayfair, London in 1958.

The 1970s and ’80s saw a major expansion in the provision of off-street car parks and extending on-street parking controls to cope with the burgeoning increase in car ownership. In the 1990s local authorities became even more involved in the direct management of on-street parking as enforcement powers were transferred from police and traffic warden services to local authority parking attendants across the UK. This coincided with a major increase in BPA membership, the launch of Parkex and a corresponding increase in the Association’s desire to promote knowledge and share best practices across the parking community.

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