AOS Sanctions

Instances of non-compliance with the BPA's Code of Practice are enforced and monitored through a Scheme of Sanctions and are issued dependent upon the severity of the non-compliance. If an operator reaches 12 points in any twelve month period, the operator may be referred to the BPA Council of Representatives for disciplinary action which may result in suspension or termination of membership from the AOS and the BPA.

In all instances of non-compliance the operator must make appropriate changes to their business operation to bring it into compliance within a reasonable time. For full details about the Sanctions Scheme please see the AOS Code of Practice.

Below are the most recent Sanctions points issued to BPA Approved Operators for instances of non-compliance with our Code of Practice.

Sanction points issued 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018


Organisation Sanction Code Date Issued Active Points
XX77 Sanction 2018 - 5.14 09/11/2018 10
  Total: 10
AA99 Sanction 2018 - 3.6 29/08/2018 3
  Total: 3
    Total Active Points: 13
Organisation Sanction Code Date Issued Suspended Points
CC44 Sanction 2012 - 4.21 23/07/2018 5
  Total: 5
XX55 Sanction 2018 - 4.14 21/06/2018 5
  Total: 5
    Total Suspended Points: 10

Suspended Points  

Sanction points are suspended if, following an operator’s appeal, it is determined that the matter in question is a one-off, an administrative error, or has been satisfactorily rectified. However, the suspended points will be reintroduced  if the operator offends again in a similar way.

Please note: we are unable to divulge the name of the operators unless they have been expelled from the Scheme (operators are suspended once they have 12 points and can subsequently be expelled). For this reason, all operators are denoted by a code.

For details about levels of sanctions with descriptions of each level please see the AOS Code of Practice - Contraventions and Sanctions 2018

12 points - These contraventions occur where the operator has been convicted of criminal law in respect of his operation or where the operator has seriously abused or misused DVLA Data

10 points – Given when the operator’s actions are extremely serious and immediate suspension can occur e.g. enforcement action on a site with no signage

5 points – An operator’s actions have disregarded some fundamental part of the Code and have a serious impact on the parking event.

3 points – An operator’s actions disregard some important part of the Code. e.g. failure to issue receipt within timeframe and starting court proceedings within  35 days of issuing the parking ticket 

2 points – An operator's actions have disregarded an element of the code but where they are of little consequence to the parking event. e.g. minor contravention on Signsand Notices 

1 point – Administrative breach e.g. failure to supply documents to the BPA or their agents