AOS Conference Resources 2019

Below you will find links to all of the resources from the BPA AOS Conference 2019. This includes the programme, slide decks delivered by our speakers, and important links to other useful information.



AOS Conference



Raising Standards 

Raising standards sc

Presentation by Steve Clark, Head of Business Operations, BPA


Raising standards elf and gd

Presentation by Emma-Louise Ford, Operations Manager and Gemma Dorans,Customer Services Manager BPA


Raising standards jg

Presentation by John Gallagher, Lead Adjudicator POPLA


 Raising standards rw

Presentation by Richard Walker, Group Manager, North Essex Partnership (Colchester Borough Council)


Riaising Standards dm 

Presentation by Dan Mallier, Director of Online, All Fleet Services


Private Members Bill

 Parking Bill sc

Presentation by Steve Clark, Head of Business Operations, BPA


Parking bill sm

Presentation by Sarah McLean, Bill Manager - Parking (Code 0f Practice) Bill, MHCLG


Legally Speaking

 Legally speaking km

Presentation by Keith Miller, VAT PArtner, Dow Schofield Watts


Legally speaking dms

Presentation by Derek Millard-Smith, Partner, JMW Solicitors


 With thanks to the event sponsors

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