AOS Brand Guidelines

How to display the AOS membership logo

Members of the Approved Operator Scheme (AOS) have the added benefit of displaying this status on all your communications material.

This guide explains how to use the logo. Please ensure that you follow the rules below, as this will help to maintain the AOS brand.

General Rules

The only version of the AOS logo you should use is the one designed for members, shown below


The AOS members logo should always be used in its complete form. No element of it can be changed in any way.

Download AOS logo JPEG (for websites emails etc)

Download AOS logo EPS (for signage and printed literature etc)

Exclusion Zone

The AOS members logo should always be surrounded by an exclusion zone. This is an area surrounding the logo block that is left completely clear to ensure maximum clarity. The size of the exclusion zone must be equivalent to the height of the ‘B’, see the diagram below

This means the zone is always proportional to the size of the logo. There should never be any other element in this zone e.g. text, headlines or other logos.

Minimum size

The AOS members logo should never be used smaller than 25mm width as shown below



The logo is always reproduced in one colour as follows:

Spot Colours: Pantone



Ideally the logo should be positioned on a white background, where this is not possible the logo may be reproduced in black, see below.

Using the logo on marketing communication material

You may wish to display your AOS membership status on your companies stationery, website and any marketing literature that is produced. When doing this the AOS members logo should only be used as an endorsement in relationship to your company logo. It should never be more prominent than your company logo.

The exact position of the AOS members logo is flexible, as it will need to fit with your company logo and guidelines, but a common place for an endorsement logo is the bottom of a page (such as in the footer of your stationery or at the bottom of your web page).

More information

For information on displaying the BPA membership logo visit this page.