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 Roads: Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) 

This note describes the Workplace Parking Levy (WPL), a policy introduced by the Labour Government that enables local authorities to charge businesses for every employee who parks in the area. It outlines the policy of successive governments and provides information on the only scheme currently in place, in Nottingham. Under the

Transport Act 2000 local traffic authorities in England and Wales, outside London, may introduce a WPL to help tackle congestion in towns and cities. This far, Nottingham is the only local authority area to have sought and obtained approval for a scheme, which will begin on 1 April 2012. That may change as local authorities seek new streams of revenue to compensate for reductions in central government grants.

Information on other aspects of transport policy – including parking and road charges – can be found on the Roads Topical Page of the Parliament website. 

Workplace Parking Levy Introduced in Nottingham

A Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) is being introduced in Nottingham, beginning 1st April 2012. Nottingham City Council has provided the following information about the new scheme:“The Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) is a congestion charging scheme that is being introduced in Nottingham. Any employers that provide workplace parking places have been required to have a WPL licence since 1st October 2011, however charging for the scheme does not begin until 1st April 2012. A workplace parking place is a parking place on any premises inside the Nottingham City Council administrative boundary which is occupied by a vehicle used by an employee, pupil, student or regular business visitor. (Please refer to section 4 in the WPL Employer Handbook for more information).Employers that provide a total of 10 or fewer workplace parking places will not pay any charge, but still need a licence. Employers that do not provide any workplace parking do not need a licence.

Workplace parking places are not necessarily marked out or lined spaces, and are provided when an employer has an agreement to use a specific place or places, or has a non-exclusive agreement, such as the right to hunt for a parking place.

Employees of the car park that are parked on the premises while at work will need to be licensed by the car park owner/operator.

Individuals who are paying to use public car parks with no involvement from their employer will not need to be licensed and will not be chargeable.

Employers that have an arrangement where they use shared car parks or private car parks, for example, in a multi-storey like the Broadmarsh car park (contracted parking), will still be required to license any workplace parking places that they provide at these premises. It is the employer that has contracted this parking, rather than the owner/operator of the car park, that will need to license these places and, where applicable, pay any associated charge.

Nottingham City Council may require the details of employers that provide workplace parking places in these car parks (contracted parking), in order to identify the employer that needs to have a licence.

In cases where the employer cannot be identified, the owner of the car park will be asked to identify workplace parking places that are being provided at their premises, and to give details of any agreements with employers to provide workplace parking on their behalf.

Failure to do so will mean that the owner of the car park will be held responsible for any workplace parking places identified on their premises that have not been licensed, could face enforcement action, and can be issued with Penalty Charge Notices.”

The WPL Employer handbook (2.74MB) contains more background information on the scheme. 

For further information or clarification, please visit  Nottingham City Council's website.

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