The John Heasman Bursary

Why does the Bursary exist?

The John Heasman Bursary was set up by the BPA in 2006 in recognition of the contribution that John Heasman (former President and Director General of the BPA) made to the parking sector and, in particular, to the formation of the BPA with the express aim to promote research and encourage professionalism in the parking sector.

 This Bursary is being offered to encourage research in parking. The parking and traffic management sector is an under-researched area, and one which covers a vast range of subjects from the design and construction of car parks, the effect that parking provision has on traffic congestion and the urban landscape, the effective management of kerb space and the many media and public concerns that managing on and off street parking raises. 

It is expected that any recipient of the Bursary will provide a final research report that provides evidence, statistics or narrative that contributes to advancing knowledge of the sector, increasing professionalism or identifies a new perspective/business to the sector. 

Who can apply? 

  1. Applications will be accepted from any individual undertaking non-commercial research that is of value to and supports the parking sector. 
  2. Research could be a stand-alone project, a dissertation or part of a course module.
  3. Candidates from outside the UK are welcome to apply ensuring that research undertaken must be proven to be of benefit to the UK parking sector. 
  4. Applications will be received by application form available by emailing, through employers or downloadable from this website (to be added shortly). 
  5. Students may apply through their university/college supported by their tutor (if appropriate).
  6. Applications will be circulated to the John Heasman Bursary Advisory Group for scrutiny.
  7. Applications received outside of the normal timescales will be held on file and submitted to the group for consideration as appropriate.  

What funding is available? 

  1. The value of the bursary is £10,000 per budget year. This amount may be awarded in full for one research project or split between various projects as appropriate.  
  2. Joint/matched funding applications will be considered.
  3. The BPA reserve the right to award the Bursary to the most relevant research projects as deemed appropriate each year.  If no suitable projects are identified, the Bursary will be held over to the following year.

What support will I get from the BPA? 

Successful bursary candidates will be allocated a mentor who will be their single point of contact during their research and will provide assistance in terms of guidance and reporting requirements.  All bursary candidates will be required to attend a meeting of the Bursary Panel once a year to report on progress.

What else will be expected? 

The chosen candidate(s) will be expected to present the findings of their research at a BPA conference/seminar, regional meeting(s) or workshop. The results of this work may also be published in the trade journal Parking News.

How does the selection and interview process work? 

  1. The John Heasman Bursary Advisory Group will identify suitable topics annually, seeking external research requirements as appropriate.
  2. The John Heasman Bursary Advisory Group will appoint an interview panel which will normally comprise the Chair of the Group plus two Group members, one BPA staff member and a specialist technical advisor/support (where appropriate).
  3. The panel will create a short list of suitable candidates from the applications received.
  4. Each short-listed candidate will be invited to interview and the most suitable candidate selected. Criteria for making the award will be used to ensure all candidates are interviewed consistently. 


The following is our current tentative timescale although we are in the process of reviewing this and can be flexible.

January - Applications received

February - Interviews conducted

March - Awards confirmed                              

April - Award commences

Further information

If you would like further information about the Bursary please contact Dave Smith or call 01444 447316

Contact British Parking Association

British Parking Association T: 01444 447 300
Stuart House, 41-43 Perrymount Road F: 01444 454 105
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